I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

I just threw that on there (like a sheep) for shits and sniffles.

New floor heat registers for the kitchen and bathrooms because they’re gross and/or beat up.

How much is that in 'Merican?

1 stone 8 pounds 0,7396 ounces

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eww, gross.


A scaler for fish. Because some people prefer their fish with the eyeballs still attached.

Also a trrs 3.5mm extension cord for my headset. I have two, but they’re trs. I have to use a desktop phone a lot plus zoom, trying to cut down on the number of headers on my desk.

Bought a shed. Not enough room in the tiny basement or the garage. $15,600 altogether.


AirBnB, for hunters/fishers?

Lol. 1/3 art studio for my partner, 2/3 mowers, shovels, etc. We’ll be putting up drywall and a divider wall.

Will the studio portion get heat and/or AC?

You’re paying too much for sheds, man. Who’s your shed guy?

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Obligatory Monty Python vid:


Funky optics, as the third picture looks way shorter than the first one.

A true “they-shed.”


A tardis?

Well, that would required referring to the second picture, which shows the inside.

24’x12’ inside plus the porch.

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You should make that inner wall moveable, in case one or the other of you require more space. Snowmobiles, a desk on which to write a manifesto…

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That spray foam insulation scares me…