HQ Trivia is defunct

I haven’t seen any notice of how I can collect the $3.82 in winnings they owe me.

It’s a shame. Not the $3.82, but I enjoyed playing.

I played early on. I could never figure out where they got the money they gave away. At some point were there ads? I never saw any.

I think you can “cash out” by tapping your balance and then it will ask you for a paypal address. I have never tried to do that because I wanted to see if it would ever actually amount to anything. :rofl:

Are they not playing anymore?

The games are now much longer and the prizes smaller, so it’s much harder to win now. I’ve won on the shorter Friday night games a couple times lately.

There is some advertising and in-app sales.

[color=red]We all are told that CNN is regularly fake news[/color], but this says HQ is history https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/14/media/hq-trivia-shut-down/index.html There are also similar stories on some tech websites I’m not familiar with.

I got an announcement on my iPad yesterday that it was suspended indefinitely, and there was no 9 PM (eastern) game.

Oddly, I got a later announcement on the iPad, that I didn’t see until this morning, that there was something at 11PM or midnight. After dark, maybe. It wasn’t clear. I may check a few more days, being a glutton for punishment.

soyleche, I never saw ads, beyond there every show suggestion that you buy extra lives or point multipliers. Guess I can no longer use my extra lives, which I never bought but had a lot for playing 5 days in a row and rarely using.

Wow! Ok then. I just put in for my 12 bucks! :rofl:

I played semi-regularly. It was always about the entertainment; crazy that there were people who thought they could actually win big money.

The final show was an after dark version, which I missed. Which sucked because the after dark versions were sometimes outrageously hilarious, given how much they appeared to be drinking.

More on the final after dark HQ: https://techcrunch.com/2020/02/15/hq-trivia-shut-down-final-show/

Thread title is defunct, or obsolete or something. HQ trivia was back tonight. 10,286 winners split $1,000. They also made a matching or more than matching contribution to charity. I wasn’t one of the winners, went out on Q4.

This link confirms it is back, though it says the future schedule is not fully set. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/29/21199070/hq-trivia-game-app-shut-down-return-acquired-gaming

At the end of the game tonight they said there would be a game at 9PM eastern tomorrow. It looks like I still have my $3.82 in winnings from before. I don’t know if I retained any extra lives. I did get one extra life in a gift drop box tonite.

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One good thing about the new game, maybe due to fewer players, you can now often see your friend’s answers (if they are playing) before the deadline for answering. Tonight I knew the first 4 on my own anyway, was running out of time and took a wild guess just before Serena’s same answer showed up. Alas, I also had no clue on Q6, and felt sure I wouldn’t have time to react to Serena’s, so I guessed wrong. She was right, and I was out. Could have used an extra life, but didn’t. Good news: I do have all the extra lives I had before the suspension, but I don’t plan to burn them when so many more questions to go.

GRR. Forgot to play last night, and playing 5 in a row earns an extra life.

Is that what that little ghosty looking thing is that appears next to answers???

I like the old school rules. I joined late tonight.

And - they still owe me $12!!! :imp:

Probably. It appears to the far right within the colored box for the answer. Yes, GRR, I know you joined late on Sunday. You probably would have known the answer to Q2, which bounced me. Surprisingly many missed Q1, which typically is a slam dunk. Maybe not quite as easy as the usual Q1, but should still have been over 95%. Most Q2’s are trivial, but I think that one was under 70%.

As to money, Matt Richards said they have it under control. People who requested cash outs (I didn’t) display as 0 due, but they will get paid. Or so he said.

Whenever I play, I post something in the chat like: Matt - where my money???


Serena did you just go out early (Q4 I think it was) because you thought I would know whether chocolate, apples or peanuts was common in Europe before the discovery of America, or did you just also get it wrong on your own?

T was saying “Apples! Apples!” and I hit the wrong answer anyway :rofl:

What was T saying about Q2 tonight? I felt very confident about narwhal tusks. Nope.

He said narwhal tusks. I said deer antlers. But he’s usually right so I went with his answer. :frowning:

So why did I go with your roundel tonight? I didn’t. You were so slow that time was about to run out and I just had to take a wild guess. In the future, get your answers in earlier.

:rofl: I was doing the same thing!

Then I laughed at you! “He was waiting for me and I don’t have a clue!”

Where were you? For me, out on Q1, but had I used an extra life then, I would have been out on Q2. Surprised by Q2. I had no idea which one was right (about Waffle House fries) but one seemed far more likely than the others to me. It wasn’t.

$30.30 per winner.

Wow! That’s a lot!
I was playing with the kids and forgot about it tonight. :woman_shrugging: