How to get my car to Hawaii?

Hi, you may remember me from my series of epic road trips that I took between 2014 and 2017. I have now visited 48 states and I still have Alaska and Hawaii left to go through. I think if I can get a leave of absence approved I can make it to Alaska in the summer. But how do I get my car to Hawaii so I can tell people that I drove through all 50 states with the same car?

You ship it there a la Radar O’Reilly.

You don’t have to get the car to Hawaii or Alaska to tell people you drove through all 50 states with the same car.

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I do not remember this. This sounds interesting to me. Do you have an itinerary I can borrow? Where did you stay along the way? I don’t want to end up at Bate’s Motel.

And double the price quotes, on the assumption that you also want your car returned to California eventually

I did have one scary overnight stay in Little Rock and I was tempted to just drive on through the night.

Can you bring a piece of your car, maybe even a tire, then you can attach that piece to the rental in Hawaii and now it is “the same car”?

One of my friends shipped a car overseas recently. There’s a lot of uncertainty around shipping times, and you’re pretty much going to be waiting until a ship becomes available, and it might take a while, so impossible to plan around it.
Queue up and wait

Car rental :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

OH! That changes things.

However, I’m not sure how one can drive “through” HI.

Perhaps a better turn of phrasing is that you’ve driven in all 50 states with the same vehicle.

But to answer your Q:
cheapest way to ship car to hawaii - Google Search

just rent the same type of vehicle in Hawaii, then you’ve driven in all 50 states in the same vehicle.

  1. Go to Hawaii.
  2. Buy a car.
  3. Drive it around.
  4. Have it shipped to the mainland.
  5. Start all over again with your trip.

But if you tell them you drove through all 50 states, you’ll still need to be able to answer the question that will obviously come up - “how did you get the car to Hawaii?”

Did you have to hide behind the chainsaws?

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can’t say you drove in hawaii until you drive on all 8 islands. So you’d have to ship your car an additional 7 times

Disagree. This is like saying that you have to “drive to each part of a state” to say that you drove in that state. (Case in point: do you require driving on every island found in a state?)

I thought there were ferries that could take you from one island to another w/o the need to “ship” the vehicle.


Per Wikipedia, List of islands of Hawaii - Wikipedia

but that article goes on to list 152 separate named islands and says there are more.

it was a joke, but thanks GoA!


James Bond modifications to your current vehicle.

Right. Look up Ship of Theseus