How to buy a nice suit?

The time has come that I need to get a new suit. I’m going to start travelling and meeting with other organization executives in my new role, so I need to at least look decent. Currently the only two suits I own are from a “buy 2 suits for $100” promotion from back when I interviewed to be an intern. So they are both dated, don’t fit well, and cheap.

Not looking to break the bank, but want something that makes me look sharp. Do you just walk into Men’s Wearhouse and they take care of the rest? Or something else? I know some of you here are fashionistas, and nice clothing is something I have never cared about, so turning to you for help.

suits are the one thing you should get fitted if you wanna look swag.

buy off the rack if you want to look like you’ve given up on life

The nicest suit I bought was probably from Theory. But that was like 15 years ago. Not sure if they’re still good.

I don’t have a suit anymore.

Agree on getting it fitted. You don’t have to go fully bespoke, I’ve got suits off the rack and had them altered and (imo) they look pretty sharp.

My nicest suit is a Hart Schaffner Marx that I got new at a thrift store for like $30 and paid $100 or so to have it altered. /cheap actuary

I go to a tailor, pick out the fabrics, and they make it for me, usually spend $1500-$2500, depending on fabric quality. First time buyers tend to underestimate how much it costs to look like what they’re imagining themselves to look like in their head.

Do it at least 2 months ahead of time because it will take that long to make.

+1 on getting whatever you buy fitted by a competent tailor.

Buy the jacket and pants together; don’t piecemeal those two.

I don’t buy a suit in NYC or other large cities; I’ve found good suits for $600-$800 in smaller cities (like Denver or St. Louis).

Tailoring these was an extra cost, though.

The fabric is the biggest factor for sub $5k suits. The actual measurement and construction not so much. But if you want to go Saville Row the price swings back to how good the tailor is and that’s around the $10k range.

I say 500-1000 is usually the range I’d spend on a suit.

I wear a suit like once every 5 years. So it’s really not worth investing more into it. I imagine suits are not going to be a thing in the near future.

Our children are going to love suits. They’re going to think how we dress as casual millennials is super lame and the cool thing to do will be to wear suits.

Here’s a nice suit for under $2k

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I think the $500-$1k range is pretty decent. I got my groomsmen stuff in that range and it was good. Sub $500 though and that’s where you get suits that suck, and people who have only bought suits in that range are the type who complain about how uncomfortable they are and how they never like to wear them.

When you’re young, strapped for cash, and just need something to “look good” . . . this isn’t a bad way to go.

And the suits in this range will generally not be constructed to be tailored (much) . . . with the discomfort comes from the suit not fitting properly.

I don’t think it’s the suit that’s uncomfortable, but the dress shirt/tie.

It chokes my neck.

Definitely worth going to a tailor to get measured for this, IMO.

Amazing what a difference having long enough sleeves and enough space around the neck can make for comfort level. The latter is especially important when wearing a tie.

I would agree, you just get what you can and then get a local tailor to fit it. The tailoring at that range will cost as much as the suit, that’s what I did before I got my sweet acas money.

It’s not supposed to, the collar shouldn’t be that tight and…don’t tie your tie so tight?

I can barely get the top button to close.

I have a fairly prominent adam’s apple, I’d need a custom neck width, and I refuse to do that for a dress shirt because - I don’t like wearing dress shirts that much either, and when I do, I don’t want to wear a tie for the most part.

Your collar is too small, if you get the shirt made they will make it to your body shape.

Oh, I just read the rest of your post. I dunno it’s worth it to me if I’m gonna wear it all day.

Agreed. But I WFH, so I have no use for dress shirts.