How safe will you feel when vaccinated?

Wanted a separate discussion from the other vaccine thread. There are variants of the virus, kinda looks like the vaccine still protects you but I’m not fully in the loop.

So, GoA folks, what will you start doing once vaccinated, plus two weeks or whatever it takes for the vaccine to do its thing? Would you feel safe in a restaurant? At a concert? I think a lot of perceived safety will also be how many other folks are vaccinated and what the COVID case rates look like. What are your gating criteria before you’d think about venturing out and doing things you haven’t done for a year?

Given my age and health status, I feel pretty safe now. The COVID mortality boost is very low for my group, even the severe illness is fairly rare. (My wife is a different story, so I’ve been good about exposure for her sake. She’s due for her 2nd dose in about 10 days.)

By the time I’m able to be vaccinated? T+2 weeks is time enough to do anything/everything I did pre-COVID.


2 weeks after being vaccinated, I’m 100% going back to doing anything I was willing to do pre-COVID. Restaurants, casinos, hanging out indoors at friends houses, etc. I won’t be asking anyone to wear a mask in my house either.


My birthday is in June, and we are talking about having a little outdoor gathering of a few fellow fully-vaccinated friends, maybe 5 or 6 people tops, no masks. It won’t be totally back to normal, but it’s a step.

I’d be okay with taking a roadtrip somewhere this summer, maybe to the beach. Probably wouldn’t dine out much at that point (especially not if we brought our kids), but taking the trip is a huge deal in itself I think.

Yes, I would feel safe doing those things now.

Why limit the numbers, or would that size group be normal for you?

Do most people have more friends than that? I don’t.

I’m pretty optimistic, I booked flights to Maui July 1. I’ll be vaccinated Apr 10, MathWoman gets her second shot of Moderna Apr 17. Feels like proof of vaccine and maybe a COVID test and we’ll be able to pretty much do whatever in Hawaii, or so I hope.

If things keep looking up, then I may make a quick run to Havana with my son.

Are you vaccinated? I don’t think I’d do a concert without a vaccine.

No I am not vaccinated. The vaccines are not authorized for children.

There are many concerts I would not do with or without a vaccine, but that is more because I am an introverted homebody than because of COVID fears.


Will Hawaii allow you to be on the beach together, or do they still have their “solo activity” rules in place?

I guess maybe I was fooled by the bolded into thinking you were self-imposing limits on the numbers:

I’ll be getting massages again, have plans to take 2 flights this summer, and thinking of small get-togethers with other vaccinated friends and family members (including my father, who will be visiting in mid-May). Considering going to a ballgame as long as the stadium is not seating at full capacity. Been to indoor restaurants 5-6 times in the past year, will probably go somewhat more often. Still won’t do indoor concerts for now, but would be happy to see some outdoor ones. WIll be back to getting beard trims with my haircuts. Also looking to schedule my annual checkup, and rescheduled my upcoming specialist visit to 2 weeks after vaccination.

Nah, more the being outside aspect. Normally we’d probably host a game night or something like that.

Probably not back to normal activities until the household is fully vaccinated.

are you going to bother getting vaccinated given you don’t believe that covid is a danger to you anyway?

Honestly I more feel like getting vaccinated is a societal obligation than any real protection to me given my age group and absence of risk factors

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That remains to be seen. There are rumors that they are going to start relaxing rules, so I’m betting that by July we’ll be able to beach it up. I booked on Southwest using points, so I can cancel or re-book as needed. My calculus was that things would start opening up, and prices would climb, and I wanted to book while flights were cheap. /cheap actuary

Big question is whether or not we’d get on the submarine with strangers, I’m inclined to say sure.

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I’m in my early 40s, and I’m not super worried about dying. But I did have the flu in 2002 (last year I didn’t get a flu shot!), and while I didn’t die, it freaking sucked. So that plus the whole public health thing, I’m all about the vaccine.

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I’m going to hug my mom, go visit my grandma, and book some time at the beach.