How safe do you feel Part 2

Sorry if this has been covered in the other thread but I’m curious specifically:

What protocols if any are you taking with regular folk in regular settings based on your and their vax status?

For example, I’ve had 2 doses of Moderna and a Moderna booster.

When I go into stores or other public places, I wear a mask. I just think it’s common courtesy.

But I’m routinely around unvaxxed/unboosted family and tbh I forget about it! Also, SO got the same 2 doses of Moderna 9-10 months ago but is eschewing a booster. Which means his youngest who lives with me will also likely not get boosted.

I’ve given up trying to talk anyone into doing anything. My thought now is I’m going to do what I think is right, you do the same.


I’ve the same vaccination status as you and I wear a mask in places where most other people are/going to be wearing masks out of courtesy. For example I don’t think they should require public school kids to mask but I sympathize all the teachers and kids are masked so I wear a mask if I’m getting my daughter, etc.

If I’m with family I wouldn’t mask unless I was feeling symptoms, particularly around my wife’s grandmother (who is fully vaxxed but by far the most at risk).

Three jabs and had COVID.
Everyone I am with routinely is the same - family & fiends, except my Grandkids (age)

I wear a mask in any indoor space, but I do dine in

and yeah, can’t force anyone into it. But my son was slow to booster and we did tell him he couldn’t join the family get-a-way without it

Have a few weddings coming up, FULLY vax a requirement

This is the part I’m wondering about.

Is it safe to feel safe with my family unboosted?

I mask in indoor spaces with strangers.

My only friends gatherings are my game days, which we don’t mask for but are the same 9-10 people, we are all either pretty much isolating otherwise or rapid testing regularly, and we are all vaxxed and mostly boostered.

I gone back to WFH for now, even though I hate it, because the case rate in my city has been nearly 5% for a while (starting to drift down), so I don’t feel good about going.

Primary (and really only concern) were my grand kids, otherwise I would have not have been as strict, though he only had J&J, so a bit more concerned

Fortunately all immediate family, including two daughters who do not live here but are here at times, are fully vaccinated and boosted. Any others who have been in the house have been fully vaccinated, not all boosted. When we thought one daughter had potentially been exposed, we all wore masks in the house. It turns out she did not get covid then, at least not symptomatic. Since then she skipped another potential visit due to possible exposure (which after the potential start of her visit led to some ambiguous symptoms, not confirmed covid, not serious.) With the other visitors, who had just been traveling out of state, we all wore masks. Some fully vaxxed and boosted relatives skipped a visit at Christmas because the virus was so prevalent in their area and ours.

With omicron, boosters protect you, not other people really (other than keeping the hospital bed open if you get sick, since you likely won’t be bad enough to go to the hospital).

That’s why I test before going anywhere — if I get sick because of the choices I make, I can live with that – I’m boosted, there is a 99.99% chance or something like that that I don’t go to the hospital.

I just don’t want to be the person that gets some one else sick.


Most of my family is far enough that I have to plan to see them.

My married kid is a newlywed and they don’t come around much. For which I’m now thankful bc they have Covid. I’m close enough to drop off anything they might need but I wasn’t exposed.

I work in the office and switch to KN95’s. I discussed with my all vaxxed team whether they were comfortable meeting in person. I said that I would be wearing a mask but they don’t have to. They all decided to wear masks & meet in person.

All my other meetings right now — work, church, nonprofit — are remote.

Everyone is getting omicron, whether vaxxed or not. It likely will be less severe if you’re vaxxed and boosted if you’re relatively healthy otherwise, but I wouldn’t determine who I’m going to be around based on vaxxed status in this regard. I know way too many vaxxed and boosted people who contracted omicron. A little concerned being around anyone who hasn’t already had omicron specifically right now. Vaxxed is not a factor. Having omicron antibodies is the factor now.

As for masking, it is required here in public spaces, the exception being public spaces that require you to be vaccinated to enter, so I follow the rules. This rule doesnt make a whole lot of sense though with omicron where vaxxed people can likely spread it just as easily as unvaxxed. Actually you’re required to be vaccinated to enter my office but still need to wear a mask when not in your personal work space. I go to the office frequently because working in my apartment is impossible much of the time. I see very few people there since most are wfh. Say hi to the few people I see and get back to work. I’m not too concerned about catching covid at my office as I don’t interact much with the few there beyond saying hi while masked.


Infected a year ago, 2 Moderna + Moderna booster 6 weeks ago. We pretty much are going on as normal besides I haven’t been in the office since Mar 2020, greenwoman had been going in 2 days a week by stopped doing that in December.

I hadn’t been wearing a mask anywhere unless required from June until about mid-November when our cases started going up due to Delta. Have been wearing masks now at grocery stores/Target/etc runs. Normally don’t wear a mask to run into the gas station for 2 minutes if I get a Diet Dew or something quick like that.

I’ve been to 2 large sporting events in December (my mask wearing there was pretty light TBH). Been to numerus kids sporting stuff where people are packed in like sardines, some require masks, some don’t (basketball tournament this weekend has masks “recommended”, but with Omi still going strong up here I will be masked).

As far as I know, all of our immediate family and friends that I see regularly are double + boosted, but I don’t go around asking for their cards. We have no problem seeing each other unmasked with the understanding of not to get together if you don’t feel well.

We have only at home tested once (a week or so ago) when a couple of us had light scratchy throats and small sniffles.

Seems like I know about 10 different families that have had household outbreaks w/in the past few weeks. I think 8 or so of those started with the kids getting it first (kids are masked at school, but unmasked at all sporting events/getting together to play after school). Also 2 or 3 of those cases had people who had symptoms that were tested negative and then tested positive after 2nd or 3rd tests. We feel like its just a matter of time before we get it. Our hope is that we had is asymptomatically (or our colds a week ago were it) and are in the clear.

I have my first vaccination. (J&J one shot).

That’s all I’m getting for now.

Wife got booster.

Not sure if I’m getting my son vaxed yet.

I go about my day mask-less.

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J & J and boostered and wife Moderna X2 and boostered also COVID X2 so I feel pretty safe.

I live on the border of two states. One state we have to wear masks everywhere. I still wear when going into grocery stores, restaurants etc but only about 50% of people are doing that. Been to a few high school basketball games and 75% or more are maskless so I wore it in and took it off while sitting but put it back on to move around.

The other state has no rules about mask so I go maskless everywhere

Pretty much same as what a lot of people are saying. Boosted, prior covid exposure, I feel safe myself but I’m concerned about the potential of infecting others. So I do 2 at-home tests 24 hours apart before any significant social gathering.

oh, as to vaccines, J&J in March, 2021, then Moderna booster in early November.

The combo seems to have given my sister at least a mild case when she contracted omicron a few weeks ago. I assume I’d probably have a similar case to her in having the same genes and same vaccination, but I still don’t want it.

Wife and I are fully boosted. But we have a 2.5 year old daughter that hasn’t got covid yet (despite going to daycare and being constantly sick but 12 negative tests so far).

Wife’s sister wanted to visit but we said not until she was boosted. Wearing masks anytime we go to stores or anything, but doing our best to avoid interactions (grocery pick & amazon for everything we can).
I’m supposed to start going into the office 3x a week starting next week (unless I hear something today/tomorrow) but going to talk to my manager on Monday about working from home longer.

Just trying to hold out until the vaccine is approved for my daughter.

Vaxxed and boosted. I wear a mask when shopping these days. We don’t see friends that often but when we do we don’t ask about their vaccination status and take no special precautions. I have eaten inside restaurants in the past month. I take a COVID at home test if seeing anyone elderly or a baby. I have not gotten sick for 2 years now.

I feel safe.

I’m mostly ignoring vax status when considering my safety, because the vaccines provide almost no sterilizing immunity from omicron. Bring vaxxed still helps you, but it doesn’t do much for others at the moment.

When i organized an in-person event, i required vaccines and strongly encouraged boosters. Not because i thought it would prevent spread, but because i didn’t want to feel responsible for a friend dying. I also required masks and a day-of rapid test, to reduce spread.

I’m wearing a mask when i go out. Well, right now, i have recent exposure, so I’m not going out. I’m quarantining. But when i was going out, i wore masks, and avoided indoor venues where i expected unmasked people.

I have leaned on friends and family to get vaccinated, but probably wouldn’t get into a fight over it with someone who had a clear objection to getting vaxxed.

Most of my in-person socializing outside my immediate family has been masked since Delta. I expect that to continue for a while after I leave quarantine. I’m still doing a lot of on-line socializing, too, which has the advantage that I get to see friends from across the country and in Canada pretty regularly. I’m planning a couple of on-line “shiva” events for my family and friends, because it’s not currently safe for me to see people in person (due to my recent heavy exposure), and I really need the support of friends right now.


I am vaxxed and boosted, wife too. Kids 9 and 11 so vaxxed but not boosted. Masks are required here in all public indoor settings. I would wear one if not required in most places, but probably not always at the gym.

Don’t wear a mask around friends and family, regardless of vax status. Rapid test before spending time indoors with folks if they ask.

I did stop going to the gym for a couple weeks due to omicron, but now going back…it is not good for my mood to skip workouts, and was going a bit stir crazy.


Same, but because it’s required. Haven’t given much thought on what happens when it’s not required.