How many of me?

Inspired (well, inspired makes it sound lofty) by DTNF’s post about googling oneself. How unique is your name? I remember some website like this popping up back in like 2008.

According to this site, ’ There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named (my first and last name).’ The ‘or fewer’ part is troubling.

ETA it says there are ~1700 people with my first name. In my 40+ years on this planet, I’m aware of like three. I’ve never met anyone with my first name.


I got a 2 or fewer of me in the US, but I’m guessing that’s just listing of me at two different addresses.

  1. I’m a unicorn.

Over 100. I was related to a couple of them. Two of the ones I’m not related to have much more obvious internet profiles than I do (yay). My wife with her maiden name was one of two in the country, with the other being an actress with one TV movie credit.

It claims my first name is the most popular. The last time I saw rankings, my name didn’t make the top 100. And I don’t think it is risen in popularity that much. I call total BS.


17, I’m practically John Smith :frowning:

They’ve said Daniel is 16th most popular, I’m happy to also call BS for sake of solidarity

1 (me) in the US. I know there are a couple of others in Switzerland who run triathlons, because their results are online.

That website says only 1 person has my first/last combo. However I know of at least 1 other and I think there may be a couple others. Strangely the one I know of is also in the P&C insurance world. I have received multiple emails intended for him, and I have had friends get confused thinking I had a new job. There are a number of people that have met both of us.

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:ctm: & :therethere:

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I know there’s another 1695814 that lives in Portland Oregon.

We, at least, have different middle names, careers, and locations…and he’s about 20 years older than I am.

That website in the op thinks there’s “1 or fewer” of me. :man_shrugging:

The only other person with my name lives in Atlanta and is also in the P&C insurance world.

Ah. I think I see where they got it. There’s an SSA page that lists my name as being first, but that listing is for at-birth over the past century. It’s not just considering the current population and includes plenty of people who died over the past century. My name had faded in popularity many decades ago.

That SSA page claims Daniel is #12.

Huh. My first name made a very short-lived comeback in 2016, reaching #5 for that year. Strange.

Wasn’t there a Wolfram site that had all sorts of graphs of this info about a decade or so ago?

Oh yeah. It is still there.

OK, combining the wolfram data with the SSA data, 26.4% of the people born with my first name in the past century are dead.


There are 9 of me.

Only one or fewer of my husband, though. If you knew his first name, you’d get it. His parents really must have hated him when they gave birth. He was a chonker, so it makes sense that his mother would give him such a horrible name.