How do you get thousands of instagram followers?

So, like, I keep running across uninteresting people who have thousands of followers on instagram. Seems what they all have in common is that there is a cute 20 something female involved. some are married couples where it’s LOOK AT US WE ARE SO YOUNG AND WE ARE MARRIED AND CUTE! There is also a new category of teenage mothers glorifying becoming teenage mothers. and they all do mundane shit, going to chick file or starbucks, sometimes dancing around like fools, and I assume somehow make millions due to their lots of followers.

so does all it take to make it in this world is to be a 20 something cute female who does mundane shit on instagram?

Exhibit A:

My sister and I are 19 months apart. Can we make bank on Instagram dancing like fools?

(actually, those girls look to be mid 30’s, but that’s just the clip i saw that finally inspired me to make a thread).

  1. Cute 20 something female
  2. Nude selfies
  3. Profit

Suspect the business model does not work as well without step 2.

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no, they are all fully clothed on instagram. i’m not sure how they get thousands of followers just for doing mundane clothed shit as a hot chick.

the page that posted that mundane video of the 2 sisters dancing has 204k followers and they aren’t even that cute!

oh, what also sells is a cute family. i guess her family is cute. so cute family doing mundane shit.

You can do that, but I suspect you won’t make bank. My son has a social media channel that’s approaching a million views. He makes $0.

You ask how, I ask why

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I have no idea how it all works. I do know that my niece’s bf makes money on TikTok with some multiple of 10k followers. She’s been in a few of his videos.

I think the videos are dumb but no one asked me. :woman_shrugging:

Idk how much he makes but I guess it’s enough to keep doing it.

My daughter has an insta page for some art stuff she does. I’d have to look to see how many followers she has. Last year there was a glitch of some kind and she thought she had lost all her content and followers and she was just beside herself. She got it back though.

I think it’s a function of quantity vs quality. The more content you publish, the more views/likes/follows you get, the more the algorithm pushes your content, the more views …

I like Tiktok. I follow the content I like. It’s entertaining. I don’t see a lot of the crap bc I’ve filtered it out at this point.

There is nothing interesting about these people at all, but they are double twins doing mundane shit and they have 73.2k followers!

Forget thousands. This chick has 1.3 million. She is cute, her husband is cute (but short), and they have a baby that’s cute. Do they have anything else interesting about them?

They seem nice.

Treat it like the stock market. There isn’t much science behind it. People are irrational. If you go into it thinking you’re gonna make bank, you’ve already lost.

My good friend has around 30k followers, he gets sponsorships and some $$.

One of my other friends has around 300k followers. He gets modeling gigs. But he’s a trainer full time.

Is he pretty, fit, and likes to hang around hot girls??? :popcorn:

He’s quite fit.

:white_check_mark:, :white_check_mark: AND :white_check_mark:!!!

I have a friend who is an influencer (or tries to be). She is a reasonably attractive woman in her 30s.

It’s a visual medium, so being attractive enough seems like a good start. After that it’s a lot of content. She posts like everything. What she’s doing, why it is fabulous, clothes she is wearing, etc. Has links to where you can buy and she gets a cut. Product makers send her stuff to try and push (so she gets free stuff).

It seems exhausting to me. She has a regular full time regular job.

If I could monetize my stupid thoughts I absolutely would. I lack any conventional measure of being easy on the eyes, have no clue what to produce for clicks, have a shred of shame/am ok being a private person, and am lazy.

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mind you, he is a mega kween in real life

To quote my best friend’s younger brother (total queen), “Oh, honey please!!!” :laughing:

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the influencers bought their followers. Looking at the followers for Abbie, some of those accounts look like bots (generic name followed by numerics, no profile photo, very few to zero followers, and follows some accounts). Apparently buying followers and likes is a thing.

oh, i was wondering about that. that would make more sense than people actually giving a shit about these random people.

I think corporations are more likely to do that than teenagers/young influencers.

I think I had like 500 AO friends