House of the Dragon (no spoilers)

The GoT thread got pretty hefty at teh old place.

Here’s a thread to discuss the prequel: House of the Dragon.

Sans spoilers, please.

OK first episode. Couple of foreshadowings to the GoT world.

I’ll give it a 6.5/10

Gonna try it again next week,

Not all that impressed.
Some boobs.
Will watch some more, but I’d rather it not last forever. Good news is that the ending(s) has already been written, so can’t fuck that up.

just give me the last damned book

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2 books outstanding, right? Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring.

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So, safe to post spoilers in here?

Depends on which kind: written canon or “please wait until i have time to watch”?

I assume your talking sans spoilers from the book Blood & Fire which may have spoilers from what will be coming on the show and not no spoilers from episodes aired?

I think I have the Blood and Fire book that my wife may have once got for me as a present but as I recall it’s quite dull and i don’t think I finished it. It’s not on the same style as Song of Ice and Fire books or even the Dunk & Egg short stories. I’ve got a plane flight coming this week so maybe I’ll hunt around for it and try it again.

Anyway I enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to where it will go.

The book is huge. Not light reading.

It’s a history containing the WHOLE back story.
I’ll just go to the wiki.

Great episode. I like the white walkers/dagger/three eyed raven references

Yes to the white walkers refernce.

Yes to the dagger showing up (and according to some internet research, yes, the dagger that Viserys has is THE dagger that ends up with Arya)

But what 3-eyed raven reference did I miss?

Shit, what dagger?

I don’t think it makes it into any dialog, but King Viserys wears a certain valyrian steel dagger on him, and the internet says that it is THE dagger that will one day slay the night king in roughly 200 years.

The “catspaw dagger”

It was on his hilt when discussing the dream/prophecy about the long winter.

It isnt the same exact prop, but it was intended to be the same in lore.

Seems to have an interesting history of its own.
I recall in the books that it was on a pile of weapons of Robert Baratheon’s.

So, perhaps it was on that Prince in his final battle.

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Nevermind no 3 eyed raven reference. He didn’t even exist at this point.

It’s been 2 days since episode 2 aired, so I think I am okay to discuss it and still avoid the discussion being called “spoiler”, right?

I don’t see why Rhaenyra is so freaked out about Viserys choosing Alicent as a new wife. She’s good friends with Alicent. She has acknowledged the practical necessity of her dad to re-marry. And she started to re-bond with her dad as they work out ways that they can co-grieve Aemma together. Was she supposed to be completely unaware that Alicent and Viserys were spending more and more time together? Evidently, there are some subtleties here that change this from the book. In the book, Alicent and Rhaenyra were not so close in age and friendship.

Overall, it is interesting to see King Viserys being a king that is indecisive, and kind of non-authoritative. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to take command of the power of the throne. Add in the constant metaphor that the throne itself is victimizing him, literally and figuratively.

I thought the best scene of ep 2 was Rhaenyra showing up at Dragonstone and staring down Uncle Daemon, nose to nose.

Yeah I think Dad banging the equivalent of her high school chum or whatever their relationship in the show is supposed to be is not quite what Rhaenyra had in mind with her Dad doing his duty to the realm by marrying the child bride cousin from the Valareain house to unite the two great houses of the realm.

Seems the Hightowers don’t have quite that standing and don’t really bring that much to the table is how I read it. Oh and there is the thing about high school chum now being her queen and possibly pumping out a male heir to replace her.

This feels more like Dad marring for love when he just told her he could never replace dead mom.

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I think we can agree on a two-day moratorium on discussing the episode, everyone?

OK, so it seems reasonable to believe that Rhaenyra really wants to be queen. And that for good or bad, no one else wants a female to be the ruler, though everyone (except one or two) agrees that Daemon (that’s what you get for being named “demon”) should also not be king. Both seem to be going the cray-cray Targaryen route.
This season seems to be jumping along the time line pretty quickly, if the previews are for next episode (new baby boy already, etc.), but probably for a few episodes later. And the characters’ ages will finally catch up to their actresses’ ages (except Laena, who seems to be actually younger than her character’s age – I believe another actress will take her place, and shortly).