We’re almost fully vaccinated, we both have stable-ish jobs, we’re no longer saving for a house (and both cars are fully paid off with only 1 low interest loan outstanding). I thiiiiink it’s okay to start getting serious about some honeymoon plans.

For the record, our wedding happened earlier than either of us would have preferred (we were “engaged” for a grand total of 30-something days, and I only had the rings and dress available a few days before the wedding). We would have done a courthouse wedding if it wasn’t for the courthouse actually being a detention center on the weekends (true story). Anyways, it had to be done for various reasons (ask me via PM if interested), and despite all that, it was lovely.

So the honeymoon - this was obviously deferred, and then COVID happened, and now here we are. I’m having trouble taking my own vacation research/planning seriously at the moment because it’s hard to believe that it’s actually going to happen. And I don’t even know what day - or month - I’m targeting for. I would like it to be this year, I guess? If that’s possible?

These are the deetz (I have very little deetz):

  • Probably want a romantic beach type situation to occur
  • I don’t like people, so I would prefer a private bungalow/cabin/villa on the beach
  • I’ve been to Turks and Caicos several times and it seems like it has some good options, but I dunno, again, I’ve been there which has good and bad aspects to it
  • My budget is presumably larger than Oddie’s - I will likely find the fanciest most outrageous place and then downgrade closer to his level over time (but I’m a bit lazy and skeptical of this happening)
  • Probably won’t go full Bora Bora, but maybe when I’m truly out of things to spend my money on in the future because DAMN
  • Hawaii?
  • There’s a non-stop flight from RDU to Jamaica apparently (planes are scary)
  • Over water bungalow would be legit


Detroit is beautiful when it’s sleeting

Honeymoons are for Suckers.

:unamused: I need real first world problem help here guys.

  1. Determine a destination.
  2. Find accommodations that meet your preferences.
  3. Make flight arrangements.
  4. Make other travel arrangements (rental car or shuttle, etc.).

But what’s a good destination? Anyoooone?


A good destination is one that you want to go to.
What are your preferences, besides what you’ve already mentioned?
Someplace you’ve already been before, or someplace new?
“Tropical” seems to be important.
I prefer Hawaii, but it’s a shorter trip for me. That’s twice the span of the country for you.
Mexico is close for you. So is Florida. or The Keys. Some nice lonely islands in The Keys. Or those Caribbean Islands, but I’ve never been to any of them. Costa Rica is said to be nice.

Key Largo


I’ll give you a recommendation that may or may not fit what you might like. If it’s in your wheelhouse you’ll love it, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s a barrier island off the coast of GA that is privately owned and is in a conservation easement. You can have beautiful beaches completely to yourself some days, and on a busy day at the beach there will be maybe 25 people spread out over a few miles.

What you might love or hate: it’s under a conservation easement, so it’s full of wildlife. Alligators, raccoons, migratory birds, rabbits, snakes, turtles…wildlife all over the place. Lots of migratory birds nest there. It feels somewhat like a US safari, as guided tours with the naturalists are included with your stay. You can do that twice a day (sometimes 3x), or do your own thing and hang on the beach or at the pool. Time your visit right and you can catch the sea turtles laying eggs or the baby sea turtles hatching. Meals are included and are delicious.

There is one downside to the place for me: depending on the weather, the mosquitos can be fierce. They are non-existent on the beach as the ocean breeze keeps them at bay, but they can be heavy when you are off the beach. They have plenty of bug spray available at all times, and you will need it.

I’ve been to this spot 4 times now. I love it, and am probably going again this year.

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Now we’re talkin’.

Plum lsland.

Every day of that week you may walk on the beach, you may swim in the ocean, for up to one hour, under SWAT team surveillance, of course.

Home. Send teh kids away. Make them do the traveling.

I’ve been to 4 of these:
Bermuda: very expensive for what you get
Jamaica: very poor country; stay in your resort
Key Largo: Pretty cool place; lots of water activities around, can still drive to mainland
Montego: (This is the place where our cruise ship docked in Jamaica. I didn’t spend time there. Got off the ship, right onto a bus to Ocho Rios for the day, back and right onto the ship)

Edited to add Montego:

I know one person who went to honeymoon on Aruba. Very far away. Also, very windy, but I don’t know if that’s generally true or was a seasonal thing, or a one-time thing for them. They ended up hating each other and divorcing. Bad juju.

Anything I’d suggest, I doubt you’d be interested.
I’d love to go see James Bay or the Yukon.
When SO and I go away (sometimes on anniversaries) we like to do stuff that involves some level of hiking or cycling. Alqonguin Park area is great for hiking. PEI is great for cycling (we cycled roughly tip to tip on our anniversary week one year).
I got my SO to do the caribbean lay on the beach thing one time, not sure I’ll manage that again. It was OK, but we both like to stay pretty busy. We can lay on the beach for a bit, but generally are looking to be active.

So, none of my good destinations would be places you’d probably be interested in.

But for our honeymoon (and first year anniversary) we went to her family’s cottage in near northern ontario and spent a good part of the week fishing. Not ‘fishing’, but actually fishing.

Regina, Canada

So I like to do cruises because I’m old and cranky and I can decide whether I want to be actively involved in anything day by day - but I’m not sure I’m ready to get stuck on a COVID factory yet.

We’re definitely going to do the Paris thing… Italy, Greece maybe… (and visit his sister in the UK) sometime, but for the honeymoon, I’m okay with a shorter, relaxing beach vacation. That’s not to say I want to spend a week at an all-inclusive resort (unless it has private condos with kitchens). I like doing the resort thing with bigger groups (like weddings), which I’ve done in Punta Cana and Mexico before.

What I do like about cruises/resorts is the ease of booking excursions - zip lining, helicopters, whatever, if it sounds fun I’ll do it (I might cry before doing it, but I’ll do it).

Get out.

How’s about the Wisconsin Dells? I’ve been many times.

Not a ton of experience here. Hawaii was quite nice - plan to spend at least 7 days feet on the ground. I could recommend some places. You’ll need to do some hiking or something to get significant privacy, it’s obviously crowded in a lot of places.

Jamaica - agree with @DeepPurple. Very poor country, it might bum you out as you pass by poverty to get to a resort. Stick to the resort or guided trips. Pretty fun nonetheless, beautiful locations, but you need to get bussed around to them through the actual residents.

I’ve been eyeing up Colombia next.