Hitler strikes Back!

An interest thread for players.

Post if, well, you’re awesome.

I’m in; but will defer to being a heckler if the demand is greater than the available slots.

Note: I’ll play under my alt S. Morgenstern.

Same. Also depends on start time, etc.

As an aside, I played in-person for the first time over the holidays. Gives me a new appreciation for the game and the differences.


I’m thinking next Monday. If we can get enough fascists to participate.

You mean that two of us isn’t enough?

No, that’s all good.

You’re Hitler, GO!

did not know this…

I’ll play but if you’ve got more than 10 im happy to give my space to someone else

Now I have to kill assassinate you.



If I counted correctly, we have 5 players, so we’ll plan On starting on Monday.

I will shake the trees to see if any more fascists turn up. I’d like to bet to 10 players since that made for a good game last time.

Lets try this @ thing…


Any interest?

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@A_Student if you didn't get this message, then your post didn't work very well

@A_Student: did you get one or two notices regarding being mentioned?

Based on this post is getting formatted, I doubt that your post above served its intended function.

I’ve noticed that when you use that “alternate” formatting with the back-tick mark, other functionalities on the site don’t work as expected.

I only got the one @ message. I’ll retry the bat signal in normal formatting.

Thanks for the tip.


Trying again…

I didn’t get notified from the first @ post, but I did from the second one.

I have to sit this one out - work is too busy for me right now. Sorry!

Come on! Be a heckler!!

Making irrelevant comments w/o knowing what’s really going on? It’ll be like no one’s gonna notice that from you.