Heteros who dabble in glitters

Right. But for chrissakes hit the produce aisle at the grocery store!! A super soaker water gun!!! Really???

But how many fruit and vegetables can squirt??? I ask you rhetorically.

I’ve been telling that joke for 20 years. I highly doubt your friend actually experienced this.

:woman_shrugging: I found others of his stories harder to fathom but he’s not the type to make shit up.

A super soaker has a handle I’m just not believing it. But as for other things odds are people try smaller things first and work their way up, the large intestine is pretty large and so can fit a lot but it won’t be able to expel things when it’s distended.

If I know anything about the gayz, it’s that buying discretely wrapped products from amazon isn’t what makes you gay.
Having an intuitive fashion sense and dressing well is what makes you gay.

Good news. I’m not even a little bit gay. A bit jealous maybe, but not gay.

Okay boomer /s

I would say a lot of straight people look very dapper nowadays, in the age of influencers.

This is an interesting variation of our aforementioned problem…

Needed an enema?

Progressive has to do with the moral judgement of society. Dabbling in glitters (I love this phrase) has been a thing since forever. America is more progressive than it was just a few decades ago. Hopefully what you are seeing is an increase in dabbling due to a willingness from those that like to dabble but suppressed their desires due to their fear of society’s judgement.

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[Pop psych hat on]
I suspect your friend considers 1. sharing her husband with another woman as less of a threat to her fidelity to her husband and 2. she places a higher regard for the shared loving experience of sex (the bond, the pleasure of her partner, etc) rather than her own selfish enjoyment.

I find it interesting that a thread started about men having one off sexual liaisons with other men quickly shifted to a discussion about weird things stuck up people’s butts.

And of course, it’s just easier being in a hetersexual relationship. No awkward questions – we aren’t entirely past homophobia. And if you want kids you can make them with stuff you have lying around at home.

Whereas I’d guess most emergency department doctors who have been around for a while have seen this. Cheetos and other brilliant orange colored snack foods are common, and I’d guess it’s not that weird for a young man to freak out when he sees his penis is bright orange, and not realize why it happened.

Just like most emergency department doctors have seen weird things stuck in awkward places. Heck I know a pediatrician who found a tooth in a kid’s ear canal. His mom brought him in with pain and swelling. The doctor started poking through the goo that collected, and suddenly her tool went “clink”. At first she panicked, thinking she’s gone too far in and somehow poked through the skin and hit a bone. The kid was screaming in pain. Then she realized it was a foreign object, managed to extract it, and the kid stopped screaming to say, “oh yeah, that’s where I put that.”

Given the f’d up state of our healthcare system, this rings legit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::woman_shrugging:

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there i no logic to apply. friend did not get an answer, perhaps trained not to ask. not his nature to ponder the why of it. he arrived at wtf as fast as anyone would, but was on the job and just went to treating (and making sure mom was kept at a distance and out of the loop).

Imma gonna politey disagree.

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You think there are more gay men then straight women? Am i misunderstanding you?

I may be wrong but I took this as a play on the comedian who said: if homosexuality were a choice, wouldn’t most women have chosen it by now? :joy: