Heteros who dabble in glitters

I’m on a roll today! Because it’s the holidays and my workload is light.

So ya’ll know the LGBTQIA+ community is full of scandalous and fun stories. Girls probably know this more than guys.

But there’s a particular species of straight men who love to hang out with gay men, and they’re usually hot! Don’t blame them, the hot straight men have a lot in common with gay men, being fit and pretty is one, and hanging with hot girls is another. And gay guys are usually funny, and gay bars have stronger and cheaper drinks.

But every now and then, one of these straight men will somehow end up SLEEPING with a gay man. Like, literally once in a blue moon. I’ve seen this several times, and these are people that I know. One of these straight guys has like several kids and very straight!

I know this is a realm not unfamiliar to straight girls, but apparently straight guys are catching on! We sure are getting progressive!


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. :wink::joy:

Well, by most accounts they’re straight.
If they’ve only been into girls up to that point, and they say they’re straight, and they have kids, and continue to date women, I’ll take their word for it.

A lot of these dabbling are one time deals.

I know even more girls that have made out/sexors with girls back in the day, and function completely as straight nowadays.

I think there is a difference between “living as straight” and actually being straight.

Not that it matters. With the exception of the guy who is sleeping with me, IDGAF who anyone else consensually sexes. :woman_shrugging:

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I asked my best girlfriend about her sex life and her husband, and she said they’ve talked about having a 3some.

I asked if she would want it to be MFM or MFF, and she said she’d prefer it if it was with a girl. She claims to be straight and I’ve known her since college. She’s only ever had sex with men.

Humans confuse me.


There definitely is a whole brand of ‘down low bisexual’ dudes out there. A lot of them seem to cheat on their significant others.

This does not really improve things for the non-cheating bisexual dudes.

Homophobia/biphobia suck, and seems to be internalized a lot.


Isn’t this just “heteroflexible”?


I know a few women who did college exploration, realized they weren’t into chicks, and that was that.

Y’know those threads where you type out a reply, then delete it?
This is such a thread.


What personal stories did you type out?!

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Are these the same guys who end up in emerg with a light bulb in an orifice??? :popcorn:

Doesn’t seem like a bright idea.


Thought that said office. Was confused



They were about to get in the shower, realized they needed to change a lightbulb, then slipped.


Million to one shot

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I’ve read this thread three times now. I realize fully how very different my life is from JSM’s and I cannot relate to anything in the OP. This must be how he feels when I post about softball.


We all feel that way when you post about softball.