Heteros who dabble in glitters

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RIP to Lou Cutell aka “Dr. Cooperman” (better known as the Ass-man on Seinfeld)

Meh, men who are 95% into women and 5% into guys round themselves up to straight. Some of these people that 5% manifests as they’ll seek out a guy once in a while, others it’s the variety of “if there are no women around, a guy will do.” I was on some gay discussion boards back in the day where some of the posters would talk about all the straight guys they got with right after the bars closed. I’ve known plenty of gay-identified guys who every so often bang a girl too. They still consider themselves primarily gay.
You hear talk about bi erasure,but seems to me the majority of bi erasure is bisexuals erasing themselves by using one gender for relationships and another strictly for hooking up on the DL.

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I’ve known at least 2 guys that tried it once just to try it and knew for sure afterward that they were straight.

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I just don’t get this line of thinking. I think you have to be pretty severely out of touch with your feelings to think that doing this would clarify things for you. Also, like, there are PLENTY of gay guys who are lousy in bed. Anal sex in particular for most people requires preparation and skill, and can go very very badly if those are lacking.


Ignoring the DL dudes, I think in general, most bi guys (who aren’t on the gay-leaning side) are likely to end up with women, just by pure probability. There are more women who like men than men who like men, even ignoring the likely bias to underreport in surveys. Ditto for bisexual women, mostly ending up with men.

And the ‘hooking up on the DL’ seems like it has two causes; 1) simple cheating. Heterosexuals cheat, also. 2) Internalized homophobia (‘what will others think of me if they knew’ (whether justified or not)).

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That is an odd looking light bulb!!! :scream:

oh my

my friend is a paramedic. he has seen things.

some young dude was in his basement. mom called 911 bc son was screaming about his “back” but wouldn’t let mom come down to help, look, whatever. when the paramedics got there, he was covered in a blanket but adamant that the mom not see.

long story short, apparently you can, if you want, get a super soaker stuck in your own body far enough that you can’t get it out on your own. (million to one isn’t close on that one!)

this is why sex ed is important.

I’ve put some stuff in me when I was in my teens, but nothing like a light bulb

Just went on a golf trip with an ER nurse in Charlestown, WV. He had some bonkers stories about people coming in with stuff up their butt. He said they never say I stuck this thing up my butt for sexual reasons, they always have another excuse :joy:

“I tripped and fell and just happened to be naked and have a bunch of spilled lube”

Just get some sex toys. They’re easy to get nowadays!

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Dumb question: Why do people do that? (Stick weird objects in themselves for sexual pleasure)?

I mean I get that inserting a phallus, real or fake, in and around the genitals can be pleasurable. That’s not what I’m asking.

I’m noticing that there’s no shortage of actual phallus shaped stuff that’s reasonably accessible and safe to use. Whole stores and lines of products actually made for just that purpose, in myriad variety. Why would anyone stick a super soaker water gun so far up their ass that it gets stuck?!

I’m truly not asking out of judgement. I don’t get it. Is it a pain fetish that gets out of control? Cuz that’s GOTTA hurt. Help a vanilla girl out. :-?

Ok I’m not the only one wondering this. :joy:

A friend of mine tells a story he heard from a good friend of his who is an ER doc. A guy came in with his penis basically ripped in half because he shot Great Stuff down his urethra. They patched the guy up a bit but they couldn’t do any real repair work until the swelling went down. The guy never came back for his appointment with the plastic surgeon for the repair surgery.

A doc friend of mine treated a guy who came in to the ER in a panic because his penis had turned a bright orange color.

Turns out he’d been watching porn and eating Cheetos. Apparently A LOT of both. :joy:


I’ve heard this before. Urban legend?

I don’t think so. He’s not the type to make stuff up. I’ve also heard of this happening from a therapist friend who used to counsel sex offenders.

Cheetos appear to be a popular snack for porn watching. :woman_shrugging:

My lesson learned from him was that you shouldn’t stick anything in your bum that doesn’t have a wide flange or rim to stop it from sliding all the way in.

He had another story about a guy that stuck his penis into a titanium wedding band. Of course blood flowed in but would not flow back out. They didn’t have anything at the hospital to cut it off so the guy left with his penis swollen like an eggplant and came back with a diamond tipped drimmel saw. He, the guy, and another nurse all worked together and got everything in a position where they could use the drimmel. Got about halfway through and the ring broke in 2 pieces and shot off like a rocket in both directions. He said we never even thought about that as it came off with enough velocity to poke an eye out and no one had safety glasses.

I’m guessing it’s just the phobia of ‘I might be gay if I buy something instead of using whatever’s handy’.

(some) men experience pleasure from prostate stimulation (yes, even hetero dudes; sexual attraction <> what gives you sexual pleasure). But a flared base is absolutely absolutely absolutely necessary as things that enter can, um, get stuck.