Help Microsoft pick their default font

My sole comment:

They picked a really shitty way to “display” the five new fonts. Give us a frickin upper/lower alphabet, not that graphic designer bullshit.

The display also sucks here:

Can’t you give us some frickin Lorem Ipsum?

What the hell is wrong with you, Microsoft?

I like Skeena best.

Yeah, I just realized they already put these fonts into Word.

I agree that Skeena looks best.

I don’t like that the ‘M’ in Skeena doesn’t use vertical lines.



Hmmm, yeah, that M is a bit wonky.

I believe that non-vertical lines improves accessibility for people with issues like dyslexia.

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I was hoping there was a fonty mcfontface in there.


Courier New is my go-to font.

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I also like Skeena. Weird name, though.

But I like the capital M. Looks clean and different from the other letters to me. And I do have a bit of dyslexia, so maybe that’s relevant.

It’s Microsoft, the folks who inflicted Comic Sans upon the world.

(I wish they’d get Outlook to support downloadable web fonts. The current mess makes it damned difficult to select good fonts as a subtle form of personal branding.)

why not Wingdings?

i pick Seaford because it reminds me of Seafood

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I don’t think any of these is better than Calibri.

They should mess with people and pick something like Tempus Sans ITC or Algerian.