Help me make my Pro Football Knockout Pool picks

Of the 24,788 people playing, I am one of 2,890 that are still in at this point. I don’t think I’ve ever made it this far.

In bold are the teams I have left to choose from
NYJ at IND(-10.5)
ATL at NO(-6)
DEN at DAL(-10)
NE(-4) at CAR
MIN at BAL(-5.5)
CLE(-2.5) at CIN
BUF(-14.5) at JAC
HOU at MIA(-6.5)
LV(-3) at NYG
LAC(-1.5) at PHI
TEN at LAR(-7.5)
CHI at PIT(-6.5)

Currently, my pick is Miami over Houston.
I had considered Baltimore over Minnesota. That seems like a no-brainer, but maybe the Vikings can pull a rabbit out of their hat.
Maybe I should make like a Debbie cake and do Dallas, but I think they & their new qb got lucky against MIN.

Of these I like Dal & Pit

Like But, but why force a good team on aroad game

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Trying to remember if Von Miller is eligible to play in this weekend’s game for the Rams . . . if so, you might take them over the Titans . . . exspecially given the status of Henry for the Titans . . .

According to Rams-Titans: 4 bold predictions headlined by Von Miller’s LA debut - Turf Show Times he must be.

So, the final (rhetorical?) question is “Is this a good week to pick a ‘lesser’ team such as Miami and save the more elite teams for another week? (…since you can only pick team once all season)”

I label it as “rhetorical” because inertia might force me to keep the MIA pick.

You have some decent teams left. I would go Dallas this week with Pittsburgh as second choice. The Vikes can always play well. I would not trust Miami even against Houston.

Pittsburgh has Detroit next week at home. TN has Houston in Week 11. All 3 of these teams has tough match up Week 12 (Thanksgiving). As I look through that week, that will be the challenge. LV looks good for 13 (WFT), Chargers 14 (NYG), AZ if you have (Det), Miami (NYJ), Jax (Hou) or SF (Atl) in 15, Atl (Det) or NO (Mia) in 16, Sea (Det) or SF (Hou) in 17 and TN (@Hou - may have playoffs on line), GB (@Det) or NYG (WFT) in 18. I feel Week 12 will thin the herd.

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At this stage of the season, I would write “NO”. You can only win if you survive and saving a team can backfire if injuries occur at the wrong time. If you do it early on to gain an advantage over a larger number of players, I understand. Once 85% of the players is gone, let them be clever and take longer odds.

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You make some good points. I’ve changed my pick to Dallas this week. No ragrets.

I like Miami this week

Do you have to pick a favorite?

I just don’t see enough positive in Miami to take them in any game

I pick one team each week. If they lose, I’m out of the contest. If they win, I continue in the game but can never pick them to win again.

So this pick is just for the winner, not against the spread? Did you know we have a thread for that already?



I may have searched for it & found nothing. I do recall having such a thread on the AO. I may keep this thread since it’s all about me.

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Lol I thought this was against the spread. Ignore my advice. Probably best to ignore my advice normally too.

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Oh, no, I just put that in there as a reference to what the “experts” are thinking.


Wow. Wild how they have played so horribly.

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Ummm . . . I gots nothun.