Headless Haiti

Moise murdered


Waiting for the next shoe to drop…

I know next to nothing about the politics of Haiti. But this can’t be good.

First France, then the USA screwed up Haiti so badly… :yawning_face: well the peaceful half of that island is another country (Dominican Republic) has beautiful beaches and everything associated with tourism…

The Haiti problems started long ago. It is a story of debt and France demanding reparations for the loss of their slaves. How ironic that the US supported that position back in 1804. Imagine asking the victims to pay reparations.

Wiki on Hailti debt.

Since, I don’t like Clintons I like to focus on what they did to Haiti… but foreign news don’t get much track in here…

I knew about that. Since the US constitution embraced slavery at the time, it’s not that surprising, even though it’s depressing. But it’s Haiti current events that I don’t know enough about.

I listed to a podcast about the Haitian revolution done by the same guy who did a podcast series on the History of Rome. The Haitian revolution was really interesting, especially considering how little I’d learned about it before then.

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In 2015,Haiti requested the debtor paid be returned…France said no. That’s pretty recent

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It is, and that’s beyond what I knew of… although, that may be why I knew about how all of the European countries (including the US) ganged up to destroy Haiti after their successful slave rebellion. That is, that may have prompted some articles about Haiti to hit the news.

The Haiti assassination details sound like a movie, with the plot and important pieces still unfolding: