Having all your bacon done at the same time


Why bother even eating??

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I am a fan of pre-cooked bacon, but I don’t think I ever eat it when I want just bacon. I use it on sandwiches which I toast in the toaster oven, or on pizza which goes into the oven, or sometimes chopped up and mixed into a stir fry. It is useful as an add-on.

The only real use I generally have for a microwave is for reheating soups or casseroles.

Same. We buy the bags of chopped, cooked bacon from Costco. Perfect for what you describe, pizza, salads, maybe mix a little into ground beef for burgers.

Chopped cooked bacon from Costco? “Bacon Crumbles” in a red bag? Never bought that one, just the refrigerated strips.

Exactly. It’s handy.

can’t believe no one’s mentioned this yet, maybe you folks aren’t aware. If you rinse bacon in cold water before pan frying, it stays flat.


Do you dry it before frying??

USDA recommends not rinsing bacon before cooking b/c it increases risk of cross-contamination. And baconscouts.com says it doesn’t help:

When I was growing up we always used a fork. Maybe 2forks if you want to get fancy. Doesn’t work great, but it gets the job done.

Now I use tongs if I ever cook it on the cooktop. It’s usually baked theses days though.

All I can really think of right now is how I need to go to Costco on Friday and then make a bunch of my usual recipes, but with a few handfuls of that in it.

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Well I’ve done it before, and the bacon does lie flat when rinsed in cold water.
Not worth the effort though.

Is this only valid for ‘traditional’ cut bacon, i.e. thin slices? I get the “thick cut” from Costco, it often gets substantial hills and valleys, sometimes with parts uncooked next to over-done segments. Wondering if the cold water rinse will help with that.

Dammit jim I’m an insurancer not a bacon researcher!

it often gets substantial hills and valleys, sometimes with parts uncooked next to over-done segments.

True. tan to annoyed thoughts, I like my bacon decently cooked but when I go to hunt camp part of the camp demands that the bacon be ‘crispy’. And their definition of crispy is burnt. I am unnaturally annoyed by that.

I buy the same bacon and have the same problem, we should probably buy bacon presses and be done with it. In the meantime, I take the waviest pieces of bacon and wait until I’ve got a good amount of fat in the skillet, and tilt it to create a pool of fat and basically deep fry those annoying pieces.

Sean Archer vibes,I’ve made my own bacon in the past. It was ok, better quality than store bought when it’s actually smoked instead of just one injected with liquid carcinogens like the store bought.

Ain’t nothing unnatural about being annoyed with burnt bacon.