Handmaid's Tale (TV Show)

Watched S5:Eps 01 and 02 last night. We watched the last 2 episodes of S4 the other day to catch up.

Ugh. I’d give it up if I wasn’t so invested already.

I watched both episodes last night too. I’d forgotten where S4 left off, but I must say I’m intrigued!

I dislike all the closeups. Kate Moss is a terrible director in that regard.

And so many continuity questions…For instance:

Waterford was killed in the wilderness in Gilead, and they show his body hanging on a wall. Did the women drag him into the city, hang him up there and then skate w/out being seen?

Again, Waterford killed in Gilead, yet the Americans (in Canada, mind you) were able to retrieve his body for Serena to see?

The Osborns and Moira only have one car between them? When June took off, they had no other mode of transport?

Moira wasn’t allowed to have a glass of the “good red wine”?

I thought the black/white dresses juxtaposition a bit over the top. Black is for mourning, yes, but white implies purity, chastity, innocence. yet June is none of that.

I thought Waterford was killed in no man’s land, disputed territory of some sort. The Canadians found his body. I don’t think his body was hung in Gilead, just that it was hung somewhere.
Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

I thought she was supposed to be a changed woman, ready to embrace life again, and thus she was pure in that moment. But she’s obviously gonna be evil on steroids after the funeral.

I’m just tired of the two faces of June: manic/crying and/or scowling.

I think she’s just gonna have one face after this latest episode, and the hubby might join in

Is this show still going on? I stopped watching after S03, but let me guess - she could have escaped but didn’t.

I didn’t realize it was back on. I’m still invested, will catch up this weekend, have to do some work travel and it’s better than hanging out alone in a hotel scrolling through the tv.

she escaped

This show is getting worse every week.

This time it took a page out of The Walking Dead: Let’s take the most important people and put them in harm’s way instead of splitting them up.

I’m still trying to figure out what Wheeler’s deal is in all of this. I was surprised to find out there really is a Mr. Wheeler.

And every time Serena thinks she is making headway in a man’s world (Gilead), she gets taken down a peg. She want’s to have her cake (female empowerment) and eat it, too (continuing the way of life in Gilead). Her two aims are at direct odds with each other.

Doesn’t Rita have a job? She’s at home watching Nichole. But here parents and guardian will be gone it seems for a few days. (And after that ending, perhaps much, much longer (for June and Luke, at least…)

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I called it. A soon as Serena said she’d go, I knew something was up!

I could see Margaret Atwood’s involvement in episode 2 of the current season in the humorous comments about hockey and the Leafs.

[Comic Book Guy] Worst. Episode. Ever. [/Comic Book Guy]

Have now watched 5 episodes of the current season but it is hard to watch. But you get invested in a series so will probably see it through. It should have been a two or three season show max. Margaret Atwood must be gritting her teeth over this season

June’s acting is pretty cringe.

The plot is also pretty cringe.

I expect Barney to come out soon

I like this season so far. I thought season 3 and 4 were slow - they could have covered the same territory in a single season or less - and seemed to be retreading the same old perilous situations.

I like this aspect of being on the outside looking in and the increasing presence of Gilead sympathisers in Canada (will they be next?). Mrs Wheeler is an excellent baddie. I also like the the storyline of Lawrence (Bradley Whitford’s performance is getting better and better) changing it from within - but not sure what his true motivation is.

The thing working for Gilead is that they’re the only country that produces babies. So there’s a religious argument to be made there (blessed by God?), or at least, something is working in Gilead.

In the real world, that angle probably doesn’t exist. but yeah, there still will be sympathizers regardless of how crazy a nation is. Humans be crazy.

Just. So. bad.

agree that the recent season was tedious.

and how is it serena and baby were missing for DAYS and the commanders or the one man US govt in canada or no one else seems to notice? and then of course we see her on the escape train, but where has she been and how was there no fanfare?