Green Tea

TDA had a thread on the AO (last archived 12/13/2019) about green tea that I bumped with my experience, likes, & dislikes.

I really need a place to keep my thoughts or else they run away on me, so here’s my thread about green teas that I’ve tried.

These are all from “Beantown Tea & Spices” that I buy off of amazon.
Genmaicha - “green tea and roasted rice”; don’t care for; smells like popcorn and quinoa or something weird like that
Citrus Green Tea - “green tea, orange peels, and natural flavors”; good enough/would drink again
Gyokuro - “Japanese green tea”; good enough/would drink again
Bi Luo Chun - “Chinese green tea”; good enough/would drink again
Kukicha - “traditional green tea from Japan”; I almost “like it-like it”/will drink again
Cherry Blossom – “Japanese green tea, rose petals, cherries, and natural flavors”; good enough/would drink again

I love good genmaicha. I drank a lot of it when i visited Japan, and found it a light, refreshing beverage with only modest amounts of caffeine. I would describe it as slightly nutty, with a clean aftertaste.

I bought some in the airport when i left, and when that ran out, i replenished my stock from

I recommend them highly, by the way.

Which has several excellent green tea.

Genmaicha and gyokuro are my faves.

Genmaicha is my favourite of all the green teas I have right now. Also have pomegranate, ginger, honey lemon ginseng and a basic cheap brand.

Here is my favorite.
I love the smell and the taste! Plus it reminds me of Dragon Ball.

I’m always looking for new companies to buy from so I’ll definitely check out what’s been posted.

For a solid, straight green tea that’s a little more substantial than most green teas, i like “gunpowder green”. We get it from Simpson and Vail.

My current favorite green tea is

Jasmine dragon pearl teas are always fun. Sometimes I’m in a Jasmine mood and sometimes I’m not, though.

I’m looking for most-caffeine & most-“health benefits”. If you have suggestions (or anti-suggestions), I’d love to hear them.

I would suggest matcha - it has more caffeine than regular green tea and still has a lot of the antioxidant benefits

I am enjoying a sencha asatsuyu right now!!

Oolong and matcha when I have green tea. But I prefer black teas, and I mostly get green tea at restaurants where someone else makes them. Whenever I try to make it myself, it gets bitter.

I believe green tea has most health benefits, due to lutein?

Don’t know. Black tea has the most flavor though.

This is incorrect.

They all have a lot of flavour, if I were to pick one with the most (and the best) I would go with herbal, though I do prefer mine with caffeine

I updated the OP with my latest tea…

I also added links to the beantown website for every tea there.

I guess you take the good with the bad (“bad” being I want the caffeine).

I ordered Green Tea at the restaurant I was at for lunch and the waitress looked at me funny, mentioned she only had iced tea or sweet tea. I sometimes don’t understand the South.


Also I made matcha tea once for being healthy purposes - threw up immediately. Almost put me off green tea forever.

My son held out a spoon of ice cream for me to try. It was green. I assumed mint. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:matcha :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Love matcha! But it’s an acquired taste

Green tea ice cream is delicious… If you are expecting it.

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