Greatest Spice Girl

  • Scary Spice
  • Baby Spice
  • Ginger Spice
  • Posh Spice
  • Sporty Spice

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first time creating a poll


One thing to also note is that any post can have a poll; not just the OP.

Is This a Good Thing?
  • yeah, yeah
  • neigh, neigh
  • whip

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I’ve been both Sporty Spice and Baby Spice in one or more airbands.

My husband doesn’t know what an airband is, and you might not either. I wonder if these are specific to white trash geographies such as the one I grew up in.

Isn’t an airband a layer of the atmosphere?


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I started to point out I know what one is…then remembered my geographical upbringing, so let’s say that I don’t.

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What’s an airband? Is that like air guitar, but a band instead?

You perform the song dressed as the “characters” in the band, mouth the words, and play fake instruments.

In the case of the Spice Girls, you go full dance choreography on Stop and win the elementary school competition.

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I distinctly remember forgetting to wear a bra on performance day and being mortified (the second performance, in front of the entire school). Memorieeeees.

Doesn’t this like guarantee a win? :tfh:

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You may think that, but I was like 12 and had no boobs (I’m not even sure what the actual problem was, maybe it was cold).

Wait… how?

Milli Vanilli was the greatest air band


The Morton salt girl, hands down. But then I guess that leads into the salt: spice or seasoning? debate and I’m out.

A bit too much “other stuff” in here, but still…


And also

  • Wait,
  • Wut?

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i have very little opinion on the spice girls, but when i was a kid, i thought that baby spice was the prettiest with her blonde hair and babyness or whatever, so i voted for her. now, i don’t know which one i’d like best.

oh, hmmmmm, they were active in 1994. okay, i wasn’t a kid. maybe in 1994 i preferred blondes. now it’s brunette all the way.