Greatest Spice Girl

Isn’t Ginger the only real spice in the whole bunch? Although there seems to be some dispute on spice vs herb.


My understanding is that “herb” is leaves, everything else is “spice”. For flavoring purposes, at least. If you are looking for something with sufficient nutritional value you get into the vegetable/fruit debate.

That may be overly simplistic though.

can we all agree that the spice girls are terrible, regardless of who your favorite is?

that one song is stupid. “friendship never ends”. oh please, it totally does just like all relationships do. dumb.


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The part about the Spice Girls anyway.

Formal request to change the poll options to character names from this video.

You can put me down as 1 for Kung Fu Candy.

Best Herb ever.

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My middle daughter did this with her friends. One of her friends dad’s took them to a spice girl concert, I think it was her first concert. She was into Britney as well. I used The Toadies to get her to appreciate other music.

I will always associate the Spice Girls with my daughter for this reason.

So … tell us what you want.

What you really really want.

I want my bones to stop aching.

do the spice girls grant wishes?

I can guarantee the answer is no, because there’s at least tens of millions of guys around the world who’ve been asking at least one of the Spice Girls to fulfill their wishes for years now.

Not so fast, David Beckham saw a Spice Girl video once and was like “I’m totally going to marry that uptight looking one”, and then he did.

Some wishes do come true.

Bend it like Beckham, no?

I actually sent a email to a manager long ago that had this in the subject line. Good times! :upside_down_face:

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I’m pretty meh on the Spice Girls. In the world of annoying pop music, there are performers who are much more annoying than them and also some I truly enjoy.

Their movie though, Spice World, is a cinematic tour de force!

…somewhere there’s a volkswagen without seat covers…

Have I told you this story? I feel like I told you this story. Anyway, my daughter was a big Spice Girls fan. Here’s the song that got her into other music.
I just like posting Toadies songs. That intro to the guitar solo at the 2 minute mark, that’s what sealed the deal. She’d play a Spice Girls somg ans we’d sing to it, I’d play the Toadies, and we’d sing to it. Toadies won.