GOP and the Big Lie

What now Republicans? “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” Cheney said. No one in the GOP or associated with the GOP will publicly state the election was fair, Biden won, and Trump lost. That is now a requirement to be considered accepted by the GOP.

So actuaries that consider yourself Republican where do you stand? Do you still support the party and the direction they party leadership is headed?

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In our new universe I believe we have pared most of the trumpsters who believe (or at least troll the belief) of the big lie.

Any republicans, even trump voting republicans have little to gain by pushing the story. The politicians are trying to garner money and build a base, so it doesn’t matter what they believe

I thought Cheney did that. Maybe the 9 others who voted to impeach did as well, at least in a sense?

I am not a registered Republican (nor Democrat or anything else for that matter), but align mainly on the anti-abortion stance. I don’t think stoking the base by Trump-love is good for the party as a whole. Unfortunately, it seems to be beneficial for individual elected officials, at least short-term.

A split is in the air:
NY Times article

NBC News article

One can only hope. I’d love to vote for a non-treasonous, sensible GOP but they’re miles from Kasich/Romney/etc now.

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If I was American I would not be a Republican and I do not agree with many of Cheney’s beliefs but I can respect her for standing up to Trump and the lies. It is a shame that this had led to her being excommunicated.

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I agree I haven’t seen a post supporting the Big Lie in some time. I am interested in the republican voters that don’t believe the Big Lie. It is a two part question.

  1. Because of an issue or issues you support, such as anti-abortion or gun laws, do you continue to support the GOP and vote for Republican representatives?
  2. If so, have you formulated a line that they cannot cross without losing your support?

She tried the secret speech Khrushchev style but it didn’t work.

I’m amazed the whole McCain wasn’t a hero stuff wasn’t a line for more people.


My innocence was shattered when “grab ‘em by the p*ssy” ended up as a nothingburger. The floors have kept falling since.

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Yeah agreed. That primary campaign was crazy… so many “wow yeah he’s done now” and then supporters being like “yeah np”

Between the “I prefer people who weren’t captured” (veteran support), “Grab them by the p***y” (women), and “Take the guns first. Go through due process second, I like taking the guns early.” (second amendment), I cannot believe that guy somehow became the President.

The “Own The Libs” movement was in full bloom at that time. Still is: when McTurtle says he is 100% focused on stopping Biden’s platform, regardless of whether it is good for him or his state or his voters, it is all about owning libs. Nothing about governing.

An actual split would be nice. But, 100 people signing a letter isn’t a split.

We’ll see how many people win R primaries against Trump backed candidates.

It’s hard to tell people, whom you want to vote for you, that they’re stupid for believing bullshit. Oh, they know you’re right, but that doesn’t win votes.

I don’t think that this will be the case. It’ll be who is running in general, including “independents” or Republican challengers still running against a primary winner, and how that’ll affect the vote. The NBC News article cites a poll that shows 50% of Republicans support the party over Trump, and this is the voting body that may very well pull with a non-Trump candidate in the general election (not the primary).

At 50%, assuming some variance, there will be some districts still heavily into the drinking Kool-Aid, and other districts who want no part of that shit. GOP, to stay “united,” will have to Big-Tent all comers. Same as the Dems do.
The GOP’s (talking leadership in the Party and Congress and statehouses) current strategy of having Trump and Trumpsters pushing the Kool-Aid as a loyalty test should not end well (but who knows how stupid America can get?).

For me it was when he tweeted an extra-ugly picture of Ted Cruz’s wife for no reason.

It was insignificant, but at the same time something that only a really really stupid shitty human-being would ever do.

GA rep Clyde says there was no insurrection on January 6th. It was just ordinary everyday tourists in the Capitol

  1. My political support is voting; I haven’t contributed $ to candidates. Depends on the head-to-head. I voted for Tuberville over Jones (Senate), can’t remember if (D) even fielded a rep in my district (didn’t have a chance). I wrote in for Pres.
  2. Haven’t come up with a specific list for future use, but it was crossed by Trump.
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