Global Warming

It’s been a while since climate change has made headlines, but believe it or not, it’s actually been happening this whole time!

Some notes for 2020:

California and Australia had biblical conflagrations.

Greenland and the Arctic continue to lose trillions of tons of ice, especially near Russia, where Siberia literally hit 100 degrees this Summer.

In the Atlantic, hurricane Iota made the fifth straight year of cat-5 hurricanes. (Also we clearly need a new naming system thanks to global warming.)

Heat waves are becoming a legit cause of death and not just a freak occurrence.

It was cold yesterday, so how do you explain that?!?!?!?


Wait, I thought those were unheard of, or unprecedented (on the “words to retire” list)?

Also, wonder which “naming convention”: we need higher categories, or that we need to know what comes after “Hurricane Omega”? Hebrew is available.

I just don’t want my house to get destroyed by a storm with a dippy name like “eta”.

And then of course people will be all “which eta”?

Do you think it is possible to address global warming right now? Is the US in a spot politically where we can actually do anything?

I think Biden will rejoin the Paris Agreement and maybe put back some Obama-era regulations? Otherwise, no I don’t think anything will happen in the US. Maybe Harvard will put a toe in the geo-engineering waters…

Otherwise I think it’s like the “gun-violence in america” thread, a thing for us to document from afar… but then again, that’s kind of true of every Political thread. We’re just shooting the shit here, not saving the world.

Probably the best AO irony is when we all nerd out over our favorite make-believe health care systems, while at the same exact time our own employers throw money at congress shouting the exact opposite message.

Wait, I thought that Iota meant very small?

I want Medicare Advantage for all. Obviously it would benefit my employer (and me) tremendously. I also donate to our PAC out of my paycheck every week because my interests aline with my employer and I want them to be funded. Full disclosure from my point of view.

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The US is back in the Paris Agreement, baby.

As far as I can tell, the Paris Agreement just means making an volunteer promise to reduce emissions by some amount, and then vaguely wagging your finger at countries that fail, and really every country is failing.

Is there a better solution? For example, should we just “bomb the shit” out of polluters?

Didn’t some large oil industry group recommend carbon pricing as a step forward? I thought I read that the other day.

Edit: they are mulling it over…

Interesting. I wonder if their goal is to have some say before Biden policies hit.

Sweden just turned down Harvard’s latest attempt at a solar engineering experiment. So another year wasted. This has been pushed back about a decade now.

(Solar Engineering is a quick fix to global warming. You intentionally dump a bunch crap in the sky to block out the sun. It’s cheap, fast, temporary, and sort of natural.)

I’m disgusted. This is a vital tool that we are throwing away because of politics. On one side, you have conservatives who are just in complete fucking denial. And on the other side you’ve got environmentalists who are too idealistic. They argue that it doesn’t address ocean acidification, that it’s playing God, that it’s a moral hazard, yada yada yada… But honestly it’s a good idea, that we should look into no matter what. It would be a good idea, even if we did magically reduce emissions tomorrow, which we won’t.

And frankly there’s a decent chance, 20 years from now, that some less cautious entity like China or Elon Musk will do some geoengineering unilaterally, without knowing the consequences that these experiments would uncover.

Bump, for Norway and Reindeer Herding:

Nice long read about the tree line creping/speeding northward.


"The trees used to creep forward a few centimetres every year; now they are leaping north at a rate of 40 to 50 metres a year. "

I wonder if the constraint at this point is the speed that trees can spread year to year rather than the climate.

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Well, they’ll hit the Arctic Ocean and they’ll stop creeping northward.

Wonder if this is happening in Russia and Canada and Alaska. Not sure if there are reindeer herders in those areas that are running short of space like these folks in Norway are.

“We must not be hasty. I have become too hot. I must cool myself and think; for it is easier to shout stop! than to do it.”

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Not sure on that, but I know that caribou populations across Canada are collapsing.