Anybody here garden?

wife does as much as reasonable on a 6 × 12 deck

I grow some fruits and flowers. I also have a couple of tomato plants and some lettuce, parsley, scallions, and chives.

I understood that reference

I like Sound Garden.

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Two raised bed gardens. Tomatoes, peppers, radishes, dill, oregano, marjoram, carrots and beans this year. I rent another raised bed at a community garden and raise beets for pickling.
This year I’m fertilizing them once a week. Apparently it’s supposed to make a noticeable difference. We’ll see.
Good news, normaly I have to cover the gardens with netting or the wabbits raze the garden. So far this year, no netting, and all plants remain unscathed (with the exeption of the one pepper plant that I ‘weeded’ yesterday).

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My dog tried her paw at gardening. Someone was very displeased to discover one of her peonies was relocated.


I have a hop garden - I just planted the rhizomes last week
My neighbor has a rich garden that he tends to throughout the day (he also allowed me to plant a few hop rhizomes). I’ll snap a picture of it and post it.

My little garden in Nashville must have had some bug - tomatos and peppers didn’t come thru very nice at all. The kale didn’t come back, the watermelons were all white on the inside.

I plant stuff every year and then forget to water. Or I do really well at watering until I leave town for an SOA meeting.

This year I bought pansies and couldn’t even keep them alive. My new plan is to plant native grasses in my flower beds…

My husband has planted some vegetables in our backyard, and is working on the front. I just hope I get some tomatoes and peppers this year.

Lots of potatoes. Also some peas, green beans, asparagus and some years sweet corn

I won’t grow potatoes. They’re stupid. Dig to put them in. Dig to hill them. Dig again to hill them. Dig again to harvest them. And what’s the result? Potatoes. No thanks.
I still get potatoes in my garden every year though, I think because I turn our kitchen compost into the garden every year.

I also had a sea of green this year, like everywhere. At first I was thinking wth, did I plant carrots all over the place? Turns out it was dill. I composted the dill plants from last year into the garden and they came up everywhere.

Neighbors garden

The pole in front - middle of the tree is my hop pole