Fries n' Mayo

Actually - one of the only times I’ve had freshly made Mayo was with fries. That was pretty good.

Fresh mayo / aioli on fries can be great. However, I generally wouldn’t dip fries in mayo from the fridge or one of those fast food packets

Also not a fan of regular ketchup on fries.

i’m getting physically nauseous reading about people dipping fries in mayo right now.

Aoili? Yes. Plain mayo? No

lol as though those are different at all

Whatever they call the thing with the spicy mayo mixed with ketchup, om nom nom nom.

The holy trinity of condiments?


I like to dip my fries into mustard. Or BBQ sauce. Or even A1.

Copious amounts of salt & pepper on top, of course.

I don’t like stuff on top of the fries; I like to dip.

But best ever fries dipping sauce: McDonald’s Sweet & Sour Sauce

And, oohh, oohh.

Malt vinegar.

Best on fresh cut fries like at teh boardwalk or Five Guys.

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RIP McDonald’s spicy Szechuan

They make a frite sauce (sp?) in parts of Europe, maybe more of a Belgian thing. It’s close to mayo, but less fatty and a bit sweeter. It’s pretty good. We even got it at a McD’s… I think in Brussels.

I’m normally a cheese fries kind of guy if that’s offered. But I don’t tend to eat many fries no matter what’s on them.

I’d like to try this again, this was a childhood favorite and I haven’t done this in like 25 years.

For fish and chips, malt vinegar is a must!!!

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Aoili is mayo mixed with other things. which can significantly change the flavor profile. A good truffle aoili with parmesan truffle fries is yummy.

I have a strong aversion to mayo. doesn’t matter if you pretty it up.

Next up: bacon + mayo

I don’t know about straight up bacon + mayo, but I like a fair bit of mayo on my BLTs.

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