Fries n' Mayo

do u
  • yeah
  • no

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Do I? No.
Am I opposed to it? No, I never thought about it.

u know u wanna

Can I make ao fan watch?

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I tried them once at a place called Pommes Frite in NYC. Aoili is OK, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for them. Ketchup/salt/vinegar or gravy& cheese curds are my faves!!!


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Yes, it’s the best way to eat fries. Especially thicker cut steak fries. And yes, aioli is always better, but Mayo is great.

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The higher end burger joints around me tend to offer fries with truffle mayo as the default.

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I want to vote “Disgusting”, even though I have two nieces who would vote yes

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We should go for Happy Hour when life returns to “normal”. :beers: :pizza: :hamburger: :pizza: :taco: :bento: :sushi: :dumpling:

I do enjoy sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo. Now that’s some good eatin’ right there!!!

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beer n mayo

Mayo mixed with ketchup to make “fry sauce” is kinda a Utah thing. I quite like that. Never done straight Mayo though.

Is Ranch considered “mayo”? That’s my wife’s choice.

Just some Lawry’s Salt for me, thanks.

Is butter a carb?

All fat, baby.


When I worked for Shell, there were always a bunch of Dutch around and I think they all ate their fries with mayo. I like it.

Here is my preference:

gravy >> mayo and mayo-based > just lots of salt and pepper > other sauces (bbq, honey mustard) > ketchup.

Mmmmm I have a hankering for French fries for breakfast.

Might go get some of the Wendy’s fries with beer cheese for lunch. With a side of Mayo, of course.

Back when I was an actuarial student I had a fry truck on the side. No idea at the time that mayo was a thing but we pretty quickly had to make it available based on requests. The idea is pretty disgusting, but the implementation is delicious.

I bought the thing from some guy up north who assured me it would pass inspection. The fire inspector opened the door, stuck his head in, and laughed ‘no way is this thing going to pass inspection’. Lol. Now that I know what it actually takes to pass fire inspection, his humour was pretty spot on.

The inside of it was like 6’1 and had a light fixture that hung down about an inch. My 6’2" brother worked it a lot, I don’t think he had any skin left on his head from banging into the light 20 times a day.