Frictionless Entry Pilot

I’m being asked to be a guinea pig for a “frictionless entry pilot” to attend soccer matches. You take a selfie, and AI is used to recognize you at various spots in the stadium without you accessing your tickets. Initially it’s going to be used for stadium entry and club entry, possibly bypassing security as well. Eventually it sounds like it may even be used for concessions (just order and it shows up on your account).

Sounds cool, but maybe a bit too Big Brother. Can you think of pitfalls? Would you do it?

One pitfall for some is that you could be immediately identified if you cause any trouble. I am not worried about that part, as I am not that sort of fan.

What if your twin brother is also going to the game? Does he get in free, or does he get flagged because you went in first?

Being charged for someone else’s concessions seems like a potential issue. Especially if your brother is a big drinker.

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No identical twin issues for me. I think the pilot is just stadium entry and club entry.

You, uh, meeting your secret lover at the games?

Asking for a friend.

fwiw, my older daughter can open my wife’s iphone using faceid even though, imo, they don’t look nearly enough alike in order for one to be mistaken for the other.

My point is, it doesn’t have to be a twin brother.

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These types of things creep me out. When I needed to do a face scan to get into the rehab center to visit my grandma I hated the feeling.

Like stay outta my business man

You could be erroneously identified for mischief that you had no part in; but are now inconvenienced to deal with the ensuing hassles before getting things resolved.

If they get resolved at the stadium.

Also, if you’re not supposed to gain entry to a particular area, what happens when you test the system (which, given that it’s a pilot, you should be allowed to test).

Should to the “initial/baseline” scan with a contorted face with your eyes crossed.

They sell your information to China.


Would not do.
This takes recognition decisions out of my hands, its basically a privacy issue. If i go to a game, after i get admittance, i decide were i want to be tracked. With this tech, they decide what info they are going to use of mine.
Theyre taking away my privacy, which shoild be a very high bar, in exchange for what - convenience? More likely what theyre going to give me is the opportunity to market to me whenever and whatever they choose.

But, i dont have a live facebook account and theres about three personal pics of me online on facebook, non of which i posted. One is a tagged hs photo someone posted, and one or max two my spouse posted.oh and that tiktok, but im not easily identifiable in that. And seriously, outside of work stuff, i think thats it.

Yeah, was leaning no. I don’t facebook, and there can’t be many pics of me tagged there as most of my family isn’t into it either.

I do use Twitter, but that’s not directly tied to me. Could some enterprising person tie it to me IRL? I’m sure, but it would be work with minimal gain so not sure why anyone would. I don’t tiktok.

With electronic ticketing teams/stadia already know who goes where, and if you attend sports or concerts in the US I imagine they likely already market your details. It is indeed another step to tie it to facial recognition though.

Yeah the teenage daughter of one of my BFF’s can open her iPhone, and all that entails (access her accounts, texts, emails, Christmas shopping list, etc.)

And they’re far from identical twins… imagine what identical twins could do? Even if you’re not trying to be evil… if both twins have tickets to the same event, when the first one shows up, which one do they mark as inside and which one is yet to arrive?

If that extends to parent/child & sibling combos with similar facial features then it’s a non-trivial number of people. Even if it’s just identical twins, that’s something like half a percent of the population. But for iPhones it’s WAY more than that.

On the flip side, my car has facial recognition and it only recognizes me about 85-90% of the time when it’s actually me.

Personally I think something analogous to an EZ Pass that you keep on your person might make more sense. It won’t get confused about who’s who at least.

or microchip us like they do to dogs.

Well the EZ-Pass would be easier to remove.

I do think there’s a privacy issue regardless. Now I can buy a ticket with cash and just show up with the ticket and gain admission and unless someone recognizes me, no one knows I’m there.

Would Wrigley field have identified Ferris Bueller as a high school student and denied him admission, robbing us of a really fun movie?

You’ve had a Covid vaccine, haven’t you? :slight_smile:


This is not true at the venues I go to. Paper tickets are gone. It’s all electronic. Tickets are on your smart phone.

What if you don’t have a smart phone?

Don’t know. You still have to buy them electronically as there are no paper tickets. Maybe you could go to guest services and show ID to prove you bought them through ticketmaster, etc. If you are curious, I suppose you could email the venue to ask.