Frictionless Entry Pilot

My Dad & stepmom don’t have a smart phone. They barely even have a cell phone. They do own a flip phone and they have a plan where they get 150 minutes per year. That’s one phone for the two of them.

It’s pretty much never even turned on unless they are picking up or being picked up at the airport.

I guess they can’t go to events at this venue. And they go to a lot of concerts & plays.

OK, I googled.

"You will need to visit the ticket office at the venue on game day. You will be required to show a valid photo ID for the name on the ticket account. "

You can’t attend anonymously. Either your ticket is tied to your smart phone, or you have to physically present ID that matches the ticketed name. I imagine that may be a hassle depending on how common your name is and what proof you have of purchase.

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I did turn them down on volunteering. I wonder if it will be forced on season ticket holders eventually. I’m guessing no, because lots of people will be at the stadium for every event that aren’t season ticket holders.

Before the change was made to move to smartphone tickets, for a few seasons they issued member cards with a RFID chip. I preferred those. The first season that was smartphone only was a disaster IMO, as they made the move before the ticketmaster app was compatible with google pay so you couldn’t download your ticket. As a result you had to hit wifi/cell networks to access your ticket for entry, and you can imagine that was problematic with thousands pinging the network at the same spot at the same time. I bitched weekly to the front office that forcing the change before ticketmaster figured things out with google pay was a really stupid decision.


Article just came out on this

Is that the purpose of doing that? I haven’t added tickets to my Apple Wallet bc I didn’t understand why I would need to do that given I already had them in the app. I guess that makes sense.

Yes. Always download your ticket into Apple Wallet/ Google Pay to avoid connectivity issues. It’s probably not as big a deal now since most people do that, but when downloads were not an option it was a PITA

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Even worse: they sell your information to Mark Zuckerburg.

It depends on which brother is in the accelerating frame of reference.