FreeDumb Convoy

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet:

Antivaxxers parked a bunch of trucks in DT Ottawa and have been blaring horns 24-7 for a week or so. Waving confed and nazi flags. Clear reports of US influence as well, money and participation. They tried this in a couple of other cities, but the police shut them down before they got started.

They had a gofundme of over 10MM (again, some of it was US money) that got shut down due to illegal activities. Not much being said about this, but that amount of money sure smells like there’s money laundering going on as well.

Looks like the cops are finally starting to tighten the noose today. They’ve taken their fuel and are not allowing any new fuel to come in and are starting to hand out tickets. There’s also a class action lawsuit coming.


I posted the following BBC story in a different thread. Wasn’t sure if it needed its own thread . . .

Canada trucker protest: Ottawa declares emergency - BBC News

I thought of this as well. Grew up listening to several of his songs:

  • Convoy
  • Wolf Creek Pass
  • Alfred Packard’s Cafe

My favorite is the “want ad” one.

When I was a kid we went on a road trip tp Colorado and listened to “wolf creek pass” while driving down wolf creek pass.

Why are Americans so concerned with Canadian business? Seems to not be our problem IMO.

If I lived in Ottawa I would’ve done some damage to their trucks by now…

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Good question: TORONTO — Ottawa police said Wednesday that a “significant element” from the United States has been involved in the participation, funding and organization of a self-described “Freedom Convoy” that has for several days jammed streets in the capital to protest public health measures and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Obviously Antifa.


and BLM


So now we have Americans funding Putin’s work outside of the US, rather than just messing things up around here.

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Another one of those things where it was advertised for days beforehand, and government acted like there’s no way they’ll do that, they’re not really serious even though there were all kinds of signs that, yes, they are serious and they really will do that.

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Playing it up beforehand would’ve encouraged more people to join imo.

All the media hype is encouraging them.

These people are acting like toddlers, they need to be treated as such.

Walking away and ignoring their tantrum will make them stop.

In this case cutting off their fuel amounts to about the next best option.

No. These people are acting like fascists. They have proven at every instance they have no respect for the Rule of Law. Most may be playing along, but the core group leading this, the dark money behind this, is authoritarian.


Watched a video of a reporter going truck-to-truck asking, “Which freedoms have you lost?” and the protesters were confused about the question.

From what I can tell, it’s a mixture of restricted shipping to the US due to US guidelines, and restricted inter-provincial shipping due to province-initiated guidelines.

(Plus foreign disinformation)

I saw an interview with one of them. "The gov’t doesn’t give us our freedoms, god gives us our freedoms’. Yeah, ok buddy. That’s not how it works.


What’s the best way to counter that? Bring in the army to remove them?

Ignoring the dark money authoritarians is imo the best approach.

Our leader was asked, why aren’t you talking to the protestors? His answer, who the fuck are they and why should I waste my time. That is imo the best response here.

They’re protesting to get attention, so don’t give them any

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I saw some protest signs reading “Trump for PM”, and a few Confederate battle flags.

Some folks in the US seem to be finding some additional justification by being able to say “even Canadians are against mandates”.


I’d argue that it’s the complete opposite of that. I mean, the first thing God writes down? No, not The Ten Amendments known as The Bill of Rights, I’ll tell you.

I understand that debate over the protests caused Conservatives to depose their ruler.

Not sure whether they’re going to vote in someone Trumpish, or if the CPC is up for a full-on schism.