Free aofan-nonfan!

Her account has been ‘temporarily on hold’ for three weeks now!

Free aofan-nonfan!
Free aofan-nonfan!


first answer a few questions -

  1. who are you on the ao?
  2. why are you a non-fan of mine?
  1. I don’t really need to answer your questions
  2. I do not/did not have an account on “the ao” but I know of it
  3. I an not a “non-fan” of yours. But I am friends with aofan-nonfan. You could ask her, but the account is “temporarily on hold” for three weeks now.
  1. don’t believe you
  2. don’t believe you


Suit yourself.

She’s a co-worker of mine.

I’ve been on the ao before, but just as a guest when she pointed out interesting posts or threads to me.

I’m just here backing her up.

What request was denied? (in all caps noless)

the request to free aofan-nonfan was denied for your supposed “co-worker”.

is that official, or are YOU denying it?

are you a moderator, or know one and they told you.

and again you may believe what you want

you have not presented a good case for having an id whose name indicates it’s to hate on another poster.

you said to “free her” with not much reason why such an id should be allowed.

This is “nonfan” typing now.

It’s a tongue in cheek id. And since when is not being a fan of something/somebody considered “hating on”? I am not a fan of the Seattle Seahawks (my s.o. is, though) or of the SOA, but I don’t hate them…

There’s a bunch of stuff of yours on the AO I don’t particularly agree with, hence, I am a “nonfan”

for a person who claims that you only “lurked” on the ao, you have quite the opinion on me.

that statement tells me that you’re not being truthful. what’s your ao id?

The last comment was by me (the evil aofan-nonfan) as is this one. Polemicist is, indeed, my coworker, and doesn’t have an AO ID. As you know, I cannot post under my own account for the moment.

My account has been ‘temporarily on hold’ for three weeks now, and I’m trying to work it out. I asked Polemicist (I named her account, it’s cute, right?) to put up the rallying cry for me. (She came up with the “Attica!” Again, cute, right?)

I chose to stay anonymous over there, and choose to do so here, as, as I understand it, is my prerogative.

i see. i confused you two when clearly you are two entirely separate people

why not just make a new account that has a name that doesn’t imply something about another poster when clearly that isn’t allowed here? you have not made a good case to allow it.

that name is unfriendly no matter how you twist it.

I don’t think I broke any rules.

The aofan-nonfan ID uses no profanity. Nor does it use a play on words to circumvent the filter. Nor is it libelous–I’m making no false statements about you. Nor is it slanderous. I don’t you, in and of yourself, constitute a protected class under the law, so an unflattering remark cannot be considered against the law.

It may hurt someone’s feelings, but so might an ID like “mayo-is-gross.” Some people may have an affinity to mayo and be put off by such a sorbriquet.

About the new account: it’s the principle. I don’t do alts.

I asked Polemicist to create this account to prosthelytize on my behalf.

She’ll probably leave the account dormant after this is all over.

since when does a private forum only filter things that are against the law? it’s unfriendly to have an id named that.

if you don’t like it, it’s too bad. it’s not changing. making a thread is just attention whoring about it. a new account wouldn’t be an “alt” since aofan-nonfan isn’t a usable id anymore. so make a new account or don’t post here or continue to whine in here under your “coworkers” id.

mayo is gross ain’t hurting anyone’s feelings. do better than that. that’s not a personal statement like being a non-fan of a human.

I did not realize there was a friendliness requirement for user names.

I would not be upset if there was a aofan-nonfan-nonfan id out there.

the freezing of that account didn’t clue you in to this rule?

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