For my fellow Catholics


What’s an appropriate wish for lent? I assume it’s not “happy holidays”. Have a meaningful fast?

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You want fries with your filet o’ fish?

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There’s another thread whether to put mayo on those fries. Lent not a consideration discussed there so far.

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I’ve already had eggs for breakfast.
My whole Lent has gone to shit!

Oh, well. Wasn’t going to observe anyway.

Sorry I don’t get the picture?

Ash Wednesday (or Lent in general) is not the type of holy day that needs a greeting.

The main thing we want is to not hear “you’ve got a smudge on your forehead”

Yes, yes we do. We know.

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You can have eggs… just not bacon.

no bacon? seems entirely pointless

Fasting in Catholicism is a bit of a joke.

You can have one full meal on a fast day, or a couple small snacks. [no meat, of course, unless you eat fish, which is not a meat somehow, or capybara or one of the other mammals that various missionaries tricked the Vatican into saying “If you want to eat that nasty shit, by all means. It’s a penance!”]

I had oatmeal with watermelon for lunch [I put the watermelon in the oatmeal. That was not a great idea.]

Still not observing.

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No prob. I’ll pray for you.


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Vegetarian Catholics have to eat meat for lent (I used to be Catholic and vegetarian but not at the same time).

:grimacing: i controlled myself from posting that in here.

Uhhh what?

I am not catholic, but I observe Lent.

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You didn’t hear me the first time?

I’m just trying to figure out if you’re serious or joking. I know plenty of vegetarian and vegan Catholics.