Favorite Holiday/Winter Music

Doesn’t need to be Christmas-related.

But this one is


:laughing: i’m not even going to attempt to top the one that campbell posted.

For some reason I really love “The Little St Nick” by The Beach Boys. It’s unique and fun.

Pretty much anything put out by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Shameless plug:

I sing with a choral organization known as “Millennial Choirs and Orchestra”. This year, COVID has thrown a wrench into everything (it really hit the organization hard financially, but they are figuring it out). The “rehersals” this fall have been almost entirely online - videos you sing along with, not trying to sing together on zoom, as that would be awful for everyone involved.

They have organized a virtual “concert” - really a pre-recorded thing with video from the different locations. It is going to be next weekend (Friday and Saturday). I don’t have a link or exact times yet (I’m pretty sure it will just be availabe on those days to watch when you can). I’ll provide those when I have them. Just want to let you know in case you want to clear your calendar.

Carol of the Bells (Christmas Piano Cover) - YouTube

unfortunately my trump-like tiny hands can’t handle the octaves of this. I tried. It’s really pretty.

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Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.

I love it so much that I adapted the lyrics into my wedding vows.

Not really my “favorite” song - pretty much all versions of this are incredibly cheesy. I do enjoy this arrangment of it though (and it doesn’t hurt that my kid’s voice is in the audio - he wasn’t able to make it to the video recording session).

My voice is in this one (and my face if you can find it :slight_smile: ):

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Let’s add!


I’ll go ahead and plug my choir again. This is my favorite of any of their arrangements.

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There’s SO much Christmas music that I absolutely love (and a few pieces that I absolutely can’t stand). But my new favorite is this Dan Forrest arrangement of Silent Night.

People had been asking Dan Forrest to arrange Silent Night for years and he demurred, claiming that it was done to death and he wasn’t going to add yet another arrangement unless/until he had something truly fresh and worth hearing.

He finally came up with this, and I think he succeeded in spades. Wait to listen until you have 6 minutes & 18 seconds and prepare to get chills.

That’s really nice. I could see my choir doing that one.

We did this in the our concert this year. It turned out really nice.

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I think my favorite traditional Christmas song is O Holy Night.

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That’s nice too.

So I got the call last week… choir at church (that had been singing unmasked) has an alto section ravaged by Covid and the big Christmas music service is Sunday. Can I pretty please sing with them? They wear masks now.

Since they are doing Dan Forrest’s Silent Night with full orchestra (on top of some other good stuff)… how can I say no to that?

But yikes! It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious singing. My breath control is… not where I want it. I’ve got some serious work to do before Sunday. Final rehearsal was tonight and I was disappointed in myself.

Also, singing in a mask sucks. Like… literally sucks. I go to take a deep breath and I’ve got a mouthful of mask. Here’s hoping that the “singer’s mask” that the director gave me after rehearsal works better than the Costco mask I wore to rehearsal.


Santa can’t you hear me. Kelly Clarkson and Ariadne grande. First new Xmas song I’ve liked in years. Great harmonies.

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I do like the Grinch song.

I forgot about this thread, but as for this:

It absolutely does. That singers mask was the bomb. Highly recommend for anyone singing in a mask.

I’m singing with the choir again this year (yay!) but they are not doing Dan Forrest’s Silent Night (boo!)

I’ve been doing a thread on twitter:

Here are me & D doing the Chipmunk Song a few years back: