Favorite Candy

Thread to discuss candy bars and the like.

I’d make a poll but I’m sure I’d get yelled at for missing something.

Top candy bars:
Twix, Mounds, Reese’s PB cups

Haribo gummy bears are awesome

I HATE coconut in candy bars. It’s very seldom that I like shredded coconut in anything. The only thing I can think of is the girl scout cookie Samoas.

I don’t mind eathing a chunk of fresh coconut, but that doesn’t come up very often.

Reese’s are okay, but the chocolate on them melts at a slightly lower temperature than most candy bars, and that gets annoying (especially here in Phoenix).

If I had a whole array of candy bars in front of me, I’d pick the 3 Musketeers. There aren’t many of them that I’d turn down though (except the coconut ones).

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Dark chocolate and coconut is awesome.

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I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Might need to rectify that.

BTW - if you want this thread’s evil twin…

Of the big name brands, Twix and Reese’s Pieces are probably top two.

A higher end milk chocolate is nice, especially if it has caramel in it.

Nothing with nuts or coconut. Prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

Hi Chew obviously

I’m very partial to Reece’s Nutrageous bar.

There were dark chocolate Kit Kats a few years ago (sometime in the Before Times) that were really good. I bought a few of the fun size bags and was sad when they were gone.

dark chocolate or gtfo

i’m not 10 years old anymore. i need grownup chocolate.

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Canada has tremendous kit kats


My kids love the HiChew

I’m partial to the Reese’s PB cups, and the Skor bars. My cousin used to get the Costco box of Skor and we would feast.

I did a side by side taste test and I couldn’t taste any difference.

When I had been in Peru for a bit over a year we were walking down the street and noticed a person selling candy that had king sized kit-kats. I hadn’t seen those in a long time so got really excited. For the next month or so we saw them all over the place, along with king sized reeces peanut butter cups. After that we didn’t see them again.

That was a good month.

Kit Kats and all the standard minty chocolate candies are my favorites - Junior Mints, York Peppermint Patties, Andres Mints, Fanny May Mint Meltaways, Frango Mints, …

I have dark chocolate peppermint cremes right in front of me right now. been eating them all day.

they are like peppermint patties, but fancier and like from trader joes.

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I’m not 10 years old anymore either, but dark chocolate is … not gross, but nowhere near as good as milk chocolate. :woman_shrugging: