Fall 2022 Exam 8 Thread

I’m using them. Finding them very helpful to do during my second pass through the material. Just helping me get a better feel for the material and the types of problems that might come up.

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Are you also using TIA as well?
I did buy the Cookbook and realized it had some questions that were great.
I wonder if the 100 extra questions are also worth it or just similar to TIA.

I am using TIA as well, I’ve done some of their original practice problems and they’re not bad. I was thinking the same thing, as I went through the Cookbook I realized how good the original problems were and started debating getting the additional problems. I’m finding several past exam problems seem to be poorly written and finding it a bit frustrating.

I like Cookbook problems and find them more straightforward than TIA practices. Not sure if they are too straightforward for the exam.

With a little over a month before the exam, what are you all doing to at this point?

The ISO rating stuff. even though it’s my 4th time going over it, it still feels as dizzying as the first time.

There is so much to memorize in Bernegger!

In the real world, I would say this would get picked up just from repitition. But the exams rarely just have you go from point A to point Z, in order. I can do ISO rating. Solving for a thing in the middle is the problem.

Thought I’d do a second call for a study group. The first one didn’t get much traction

I guess it would be a simple whatsapp group now - dm me if you are interested and I’ll set one up. I don’t know how many people are actually seriously studying, seeing how little activity we have in this thread here.

Where is everyone in their studying?
I’m hoping to wrap up 2nd round of questions by the end of this month and go on further review mode in October.
How’s everyone feeling so far? I feel like I’m more ready (just from being a repeat taker and studying more) but I still don’t feel that confident.

Not enough time this year. Not nearly enough. Feelz bad.

Is there anyone here who bought TIA and CC and used both thoroughly to compare the two?
I bought CC but haven’t really used it. I’ll prob skim through it later to see if it does a good job explaining certain sections better than TIA.

I had both when I took it last year. I think TIA probably is better overall to learn the material, since you have videos and all, but CC is useful in providing another perspective.

IMO CC’s real value is in its practice problems and exams, which really test how well you understand the material.

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That’s great to know, thank you!
I will adjust my plan to hit those problems then. From your experience, were the CC’s practice exams harder than the one you took last year?
Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.

I’d say that CC exams are harder than the real thing for sure, but they are excellent for testing any gaps in your understanding.

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Has anyone used and compared CC vs. RF?
I have TIA and want to supplement with another. Appreciate any suggestion!

I have neither for exam 8, but when I took 9 both were very good. Probably not helping you make a decision here

RF is good for learning how to do the basic problem types; I’d recommend it if you don’t understand the material well.

CC has more problems and practice exams, which is better if you think you know the material but would like more practice.

It all depends on what you think you need.

I hear the studykit is out. Anyone getting it?

I’m not, heard it’s only a very minor update

Yeah, at this point, I won’t be getting it either.
I also heard it was minor. With that said, did they add back the missing pages from last year? I think a whole chunk was missing.