Fall 2022 Exam 8 Thread

Going to start studying for Exam 8 this weekend. Last sitting was a disaster so I’m going to tackle all the small gaps this sitting and waste no time.

I may study for Exam 9 as well on the side so I can get a super early start for Spring 2023.


What study materials are recommended?

Good question. I think for this, TIA is the clear popular choice but I may purchase an additional material for this 2nd attempt.

I kind of want to try battle acts since I enjoyed using it for exam 6 but I’ve heard TIA is the way to go.

I may try that as well.

im gonna use mahler + cc for exam 8

Im going with TIA and Battleacts!!

is your company paying for this? it adds up to more than 2k :face_with_monocle:

I already have TIA from last sitting, I failed it in October.
Going to request my company to purchase Battleacts for me this sitting.

That’s super generous if they do. Both my prior company and current would never pay for both. I’ve also heard that BA isn’t worth it at all if you’re paying out of pocket.

You guys think Mahler is worth it?
I think TIA is great but I am trying to see if I can get a supplement

tbh i dont think TIA is in depth enough for 8. This is my 2nd try, I’m aiming to really understand the concepts so that I would know how to apply them in different situations.
Last time, I mainly used TIA with CC, cookbook and Mahler as supplements

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If i had to supplement TIA, which would you recommend?
I just kind of want to try battleacts because I feel it does a really good job of organizing what to review, etc. Ive never considered Mahler but maybe I shoud?

My company has a description for all the options and it says battleacts has excellent translation of complex topics into “layman’s” terms.

Does anyone want to share NCCI table and ISO table?

This does not seem like nearly a long enough break from studying my friend…


In. Will try CC + RF

I have a surgery in mid-July so that’s going to impact working out for a while, and work should be just conducive enough (I won’t get really busy until November). My boss says go for it, if I get it great, if I don’t it doesn’t impact my standing with him or the company. Sure, why the hell not.

Don’t think I have my stuff from past attempts. Or, I have it and I’ve stashed it somewhere and now can’t find it. Either way, I know I dumped a bunch of stuff a while back because I thought screw this, I’m done, I’ve got letters, I don’t need to finish out, so I think I’m largely starting ground-up. Plus, considering how past attempts have (not) worked, it might not be a terrible thing.

I’m in. 4th attempt. Starting this week.

Do you have access to NCCI and/or ISO? Should be able to pull down those if you do. [ISO, you definitely can - look in the CLM, any state.] Otherwise, … well, it’s technically copyrighted material and I’m not rolling the dice on that.