Fall 2021 Exam 8 Thread

I hear TIA and the cookbook are the best for this exam?
Thinking of talking to my manager and order TIA next week.

I would also like to know people’s preferences for study material. Is Crystal Clear good for 8? My work budget won’t cover TIA. I also saw BattleActs is available for 8. I used them for 6 and I quite liked it. Has anyone tried them for 8?

I used CF + the RF cookbook. Liked the cookbook, but CF was just fine. Felt like my coworker’s TIA material was better from a quick look.

Seems like TIA is a must. I liked TIA for exam 5 because Josh was very clear.

I’m in.

Does anyone know if there are changes planned for the Fall syllabus?

I’m in for this again…

I’m determined to pass this my 1st attempt because imo the 1st attempt is probably the best shot I got.

Let’s all get 8s on 8! lol

I’m in. We’ve all agreed so it has to happen, right?

In as well… have they already announced when the fall testing window would be?


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Does anyone have Anki flashcards for exam 8 that they would be willing to share?

I’m making some now, but if anyone has them I too would be super grateful.

Going to order TIA soon.
Not sure if I passed Exam 6 but I hear this exam is a beast so I should get a head start.

I’ve heard really good things about TIA, but my company would only cover about 60% of the cost. Not sure if I want to spend that much of my own money on it.

I think it’s worth it even if you have to cover some cost. WIth this exam, it appears there aren’t many options IMO. Also it’s Josh. The last time I wanted to stick to a specific material was back when ASM dominated as the main go to manual for prelims.

Do you think TIA would be enough, or should I supplement with RF or CC?

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CC has exam 8? RF was pretty solid when I took it three years ago. RF + TIA and reading some sources should be enough info. The only issue is really mastering the material and being able to answer really tough questions.

so like, every other upper…