Facebook observations


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OK, maybe I read that wrong?

My neighbor might have been drunk-posting because she’s 100% an alcoholic, but anyway:

Went on a long rant about how she doesn’t understand why conservatives and liberals can’t just get along, nobody should lose a friend over two old men, etc. etc.

She got extensive comments from “both sides”, and in those comments the word “moderate” came up.

She asked: “What’s a moderate?” and received explanation.

“I guess I’m off to research moderate policies because that’s a new one and sounds like me!”

I witnessed a real low-information moderate in the wild.


posted something on marketplace. right before I had to head out for the day. people got right on it and I was not responsive. but people must comb that thing for “deals” and at least on of the responders is (based on their main profile) a serial seller (so maybe a flipper). i just want the shit out of my shed, so good luck to them!


I stopped at a British store to pick up a can of Iron Bru and a couple of chicken & leek pies for supper a couple of days ago. Now I’m getting an ad for the joint!! :tfh:

Popped up again!!! :pineapple:

checking socials at work today bc some deaths in the friends grouping. the algorithm has decided that random posts with photos of teens in bikinis is the recommendation. just gross. assuming someone nearby or someone on the network or what?

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My MIL is currently in her own post’s comments, publicly chatting with a friend about the friend’s daughter’s eating disorder.

Gen Z/Alpha can be annoying with their skibidis, but Boomers are the king of oversharing.

Perfect example of Facebook misinformation. My spouse won’t take a walking trail because it’s full of snakes. they saw it on Facebook.

Full of snakes? How about someone saw a snake. There’s no ‘full’ of snakes around here. There’s some, I might see one every 10-15 years. But theres no trail with hundreds or even dozens of snakes. Seems like something like that would be actual news.

Someone saw a snake in the woods → won’t take a trail because it’s ‘full of snakes’.

What’s next, we topple the Trudeau government?

Does Canada have dangerous snakes? I’d think seeing some wildlife on a trail would be an attraction.


I think I actually saw one when I was a kid. :grimacing:

Saw a dead one on vacation once up north. So yeah some poisonous snakes. But they’re up north in cottage country, there’s nothing harmful down here in civilized country.

Fair enough, just don’t eat them then

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