European Walking Shoe - Wide Feet

When i went to Paris years ago I didn’t want to wear “American Sneakers”, I wanted a walking shoe. What i got was a very light weight shoe, not a fashionable sneaker.

I love it as a casual shoe, but in Paris, my feet hurt. It was a whirlwind visit, over a long weekend. We tried to get it all in

Now doing a German river cruise. Maybe not as much go-go-go, but I want a fashionable sneaker that can handle a EEE foot.

All Birds don’t seem to go wide

Sketchers, maybe, but not stylish IMO

Rockport/ New Balance, my casual go to’s, nothing close to stylish that i have seen

I also want something I can buy in a store. I will only buy shoes online if it is something i have owned before

Thanks for any help

What is an example of a shoe that you DO find stylish, even if it doesn’t meet your other requirements?

I always think of Skechers as stylish, so I’m confused by that complaint.

Solid color (or subtle), not clunky looking. Minimal of logos. Looks closer to shoe than athletic wear.

Maybe i need to find the right Sketchers

I think sketchers are really unflattering too. Not sure what it is about that brand but the shoes are so chunky, the sole of the shoe is so…there.

I know you said all birds doesn’t do wide. That’s a shame, because I’ve heard really good things about their shoes. I’ve been thinking about getting a walking shoe from them, they’re pretty stylish.

want a thinner looking sole. Preferably not white

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Why do you need wide shoes? What specific part of your foot causes you issues if it’s narrow for you?

I used to buy EE-EEEE shoes, sometimes with success and sometimes with failure. I learned that I don’t necessarily need wide shoes, I need shoes with a wide toe box. I have some recommendations if that’s your issue.

ok, not sure. maybe. My pinkie toe gets crushed,but i have to try it on

Pinkie toe is also my primary pain point. You might try to look for shoes with wider toe boxes. For me, shoes don’t always immediately bug me when I try them on. You mentioned Rockport, which often does have a wider toe box and I have bought multiple pairs with success.

Keen used to have most of their designs with a wide toe box, but they’ve changed a bit. Some do, some don’t. I’ll be mostly wearing these in Europe in Olive, but not sure if they are fashionable enough for you. They do have a wide toe box, but are a little light on arch support and are thin soled and flexible: Men's Howser Canvas Lace-Up Shoes | KEEN Footwear

One brand I recommend you try that might not be fashionable enough for your Euro trip but you may love: Altra. These fit my feet extremely well, are very supportive, but might not work for your trip in terms of fashion: MEN'S TORIN 5 LUXE | Shop At Altra

Olukai loafers are my most comfortable shoes for hanging out, but don’t have much in terms of support for a lot of walking. Love both pairs I have. They are prior versions of these 2 I think:

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Does posting photos of your shoes constitute a(n) (in)significant signal?

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the top ones look close to the loafers i have

the bottom, more for what i am looking for

You could get custom shoes made by a cordwainer. Might be able to get them for a little under a thousand bucks or something. Expensive, but if you have outlier feet then it could be the most amazing experience ever.

ok, listing the most amazing experiences ever i could get for $1000.

yep, shoes are not on the list


So have you been to a running store and had them measure your gait and all that stuff? I don’t run without a good reason, but I did that and told them the issues I was having and they helped me find a shoe that worked. Just a thought. They may not have the casual look you are going for tho.

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I wear converse for going out. I like their style.

BF hates them. Because they’re not comfy.

I don’t wear shoes for comfort. I wear them for fashion.

My back hurts if I have to walk very much in shoes made for fashion. So I try to only wear those when I’m not going to be on my feet much.

That’s usually the case for me if I go out (bars, restaurants, etc.).

I have running shoes for exercise.

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for all day sightseeing, i will trade style for comfort.

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Oh, for sure.

I just don’t do much daytime activities. If I do, it’s for brunch where I uber and then sit.

I mean, you’re on your feet all day long…