European Walking Shoe - Wide Feet

porque no los dos

I think sneakers are stylish, often more stylish than dressier shoes. I would wear Nikes in Paris. Parisians wear them.

This is great advice for everyone. Don’t mess around with your feet. But there continue to be supply chain issues with many shoe brands

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My son 13EEE has good luck with New Balance sneakers. i think New Balance has a number of shoes that are casual in black that might work for you. Something dressier than sneaker but not a dress shoe that you could comfortably wear all day.

My NB shoes are very comfy and look OK. They look like shoes, not slip-ones, so maybe not what is being sought.

love NB, just never saw any i thought were “shoe-like”.

Laces are ok, if not white

Get out of my head.

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I second Altra. A little spendy (for me), but so much more comfortable than everything else I’ve worn. I use their running shoes.

They are excellent shoes for comfort and support. Soles wear a little fast IMO, but otherwise great. Not sure how many Altra styles might meet the OP’s fashionable requirement.

Whenever I see this title, I think of Elaine.

ok, so went Sketchers. Went to DSW, which is pretty big store and shop by size. I literally found one, for the right style. I liked on my feet better than on the display.

Their sizes are weird. I looked at some wides, but didn’t like the look, Then there were Relaxed fit wide and I couldn’t get my foot in at all.

The ones I got were relaxed fit, extra wide