Are we able to add emojis? Here are some emojis from the AO that I feel like were used often:
:oops: (you can use :flushed: instead)
:ctm: - ok, didn’t have an emoji on the AO, but it should have!

Here are some AO emojis that are here, but different:

What emojis are there on this site that we didn’t have before that people think we will use?

:clock12: :clock1230: :clock1: :clock130: :clock2: :clock230: :clock3: :clock330: :clock4: :clock430: :clock5: :clock530: :clock6: :clock630: :clock7: :clock730: :clock8: :clock830: :clock9: :clock930: :clock10: :clock1030: :clock11: :clock1130:

Why on earth are there so many clock emojis??

:poultry_leg: :bacon: :hamburger: :cut_of_meat:


At least the emojis have complexion.

Because there’s 24 hours in a day . . . so one for each hour?

It seems like they’re all top of the hour and the 1/2 past for each hour of a 12-hour clock.

But it’s almost [checks clock: :clock530:] :beers:-30!

But definitely need a tin-foil-hat emoji, IMO.


Definitely need oyh.

Soap, heynow, and the dead horse one were good.

Go study would probably get used enough to justify its existence.

I kind of liked the yellow card and red card emojis.

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Oh, and :rant:


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:face_vomiting: isn’t the same

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I think this is one I’ve missed the most.


I wasn’t clear what iatp was but a quick Google reveals that it stands for the international association of trampoline parks. So, fixed:



this is a stretch (yes pun indeeded)…no newbie would get what this even remotely means. thumbs up is best option imo.

Or just “like” the post.

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“Like” is fine for letting the poster know that you enjoyed their post. I doubt any other posters will be aware of it though (I know I never notice whether there are hearts, and many of the hearts will come in after I’ve read the post anyway).

Personally, I don’t mind just typing IATP, and having it sit there as text.

*Just noticed that :iatp: has been made the trampoline thing. Not a fan, personally.

I’ve no idea what iatp is. Must’ve happened when I was away.

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