Eating outside...why?

Is it not standard crust there?



It always just comes with it for me. Maybe when I was in college you had to specially order it because it was a gimmick.
You must live in the real po


I am disappoint. Me sad. :disappointed:

I just checked my Domino’s app to see if extra garlic seasoning is a choice, but unfortunately the choices are only garlic seasoning or no garlic seasoning.

Hit the button twice. That means “extra.”

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Actuarializing on the deck with a cup of green tea!!!


green tea and dim sum. u full asian mode

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Sushi, dim sum, Thai, Indian: so gooooood!!! :yum:

A friend’s neighbours (not sure if they are Chinese) made some taro wontons with a dipping sauce and brought them over for their BBQ! :yum:

It was about 70 this morning by the time I was eating breakfast, and light breeze vs tornadic winds that we typically have. I ate outside for the first time in forever.


I had lunch on the deck: warm, but very breezy and partly cloudy.