Eating outside...why?

Yo I saw some thing on the TV where people were eating outside and I’m like, man this is another one of those movie things where they show something that’s totally not realistic like a 20 year old living in a 3 bedroom Manhattan apartment.

But this time, it’s people eating outside. I’m like dude how are you people not drenched in sweat, being eaten by mosquitoes, shat on by birds, and having flies try to eat your lunch? Why man?

No thanks.

pick your days.

on some days it is fantastic.

on hot, buggy, snowy, rainy, sub freezing days i don’t


Less covidy outside


I thought you ate alone in your apartment like the rest of us quarantiners.

I haven’t been in my apartment much lately because it is possibly killing me worse than covid.

Did do some inside dining lately and risked covid flying a bunch of times. Im just saying why outside dining might be preferable to inside.

what do you do about them mosquitos and other bugs

Idk i usually opt for inside cause of bugs and weather issues.

I eat outside because most restaurants don’t allow dogs inside, and I pretty much take my dog everywhere. Bugs & weather are very rarely an issue where I live. If it’s cold, the restaurants put out heaters.

I am eating outside now in a shady spot with the fan going.

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I appreciate a nice patio meal if the weather permits. But some people really push it too far. I was in Austin last month, we went for dinner. It was 94° and still a third of our group wanted to sit outdoors. Yeah, no.

Do you get drenched in sweat, eaten by mosquitos, shat on by birds, and have flies dive bombing you every time you go outside to do anything?

I don’t particularly enjoy being outside. The sun is not kind to my skin. But having a meal or a cold drink with friends or family is nice on a late spring day, especially one of those first nice days after six months of being stuck inside.

Chalk up another positive mark for living in SoCal. No (well, very few) mosquitos, no humidity, heck, you can even have an ocean view.
Sure, not every day. But most days.

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I just had a conversation related to this yesterday. I was talking to some Texas residents and noted that when I lived in TX I literally only went into the backyard to tend the lawn and repair the fence. In all the other places I’ve lived, outside has been a pleasant place to be for a decent part of the year and I try to make use of it. My current house has a deck a few steps from the kitchen, so eating outside really is convenient (as is going back inside if it turns out not to be as nice as it looks).


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Oh yeah and don’t forget the wind blowing all your stuff off the table

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And no sinks around to wash your hands before and after

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HEB stands for eternally hot butthole

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My gf and i got dim sum, which we are enjoying with coffee on the covered sbux patio. No flies or skeeters!!!

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Remind me to never live wherever it is that you live.

Where does the ocean go on those other days?

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