Doggo thread

My daughter’s sis in law. She told them the results and they were just as surprised as we were.


Really? Y’all thought that was a lab?
I’m not trying to be snarky, I promise, but the pic above howls pittie mutt.

I’ve seen so many dogs over the past year with fostering … maybe I’m starting to pick it up quicker … or maybe I’m developing selection bias :joy::joy::joy:

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For reference

The dog in your pic has staf/pittie forehead, eyes, ears …

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It’s a real-life-Lassie story…

It’s about a dog named Blue who ran 4 miles after his human crashed a car.


Today is my tri color cavalier’s gotcha day. 10 years!


We knew she was a pit bull, but thought she had some lab. She was 20 lbs lighter and we thought she was done growing. And she has webbed toes which hubby kept saying was a lab trait. Also the people we got her from said pit bull/lab mix and we just assumed they knew.

I personally know little about dog breeds and didn’t look them up until the DNA thing. So yeah, I pretty much own my ignorance but hubby was confident in his misinformation. :joy:


She is incredibly sweet—wants attention all the time. Sits on my lap. She will bark when strangers are at the door but she doesn’t charge them if we tell her it’s ok. Lots of energy (she’s only 2.5). And kinda dumb. (Took her weeks to figure out the doggie door. I think the cat taught her.) she likes us to throw her ball but doesn’t bring it back.


Very sweet and kinda dumb … pittie :joy::joy::joy: but tbf, also can be labs :joy:

I miss my pittie mamma foster. She was the best!! :heart::heart::heart:

I’ve also kinda learned that people say “lab mix” bc they are afraid if they say “pit mix” that the dog won’t get adopted.

So if the dog can pass as anything else, you call it that “mix”


They were actually trying to be careful with rehoming her bc they live rural and there are dog fights out there. So we knew she had pit bull, but we had a pit bull mix before and she was the most gentle dog ever.

This dog wasn’t accepted by their other two, older dogs and someone had to go. She is in many ways everything hubby wanted so we adopted her. Timing was good too. We’ve had her about 18 mos now.


This hero dog survived being stabbed in the neck while protecting his family during a home invasion.

:cut_of_meat: for life


Someone made a quilt out of the dog’s bandanas
twixter posts that remind you of a GoA poster
quilting thread


Ugh. Got this last night from one of the orgs I foster with:

… just called me. I guess police showed up at some peoples house. The guy had a black lab female when the police came to the door. He ordered the dog to attack. It hurt one of the officers pretty badly and they had to shoot the dog. There are 10 three or four day old, black lab puppies I do not know what to do. Who can take these little puppies?


They’ve all been placed for bottle feeding. But it meant separating them into pairs. Poor babies … makes it so hard for them when they lose mamma and siblings :tired_face::sweat:


This is just wrong on so many levels.

Agreed. Humans suck

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Once or twice a week during our local news program, someone from our local Humane society brings a pet that is available for adoption. Many are dogs that have been shipped up here by the truckload from southern states like Texas, Alabama, Mississippi…This has happened several times in the past few years. What is going on down there in the south? Why can’t they take care of their dogs?
Luckily, most or all of them get adopted.

So Serena, maybe you can ship those puppies up here. People will adopt them.

It’s a problem everywhere but yes, I hear about truckloads coming up from the South all the time.

I wish more local municipalities offered free spay/neuter programs. Might help a little.

(Sigh) I had to snooze the rescue feeds on FB for a bit bc I’ve had so much going on lately, I didn’t want to be tempted to take on a foster too. When I get back from this latest trip, I’ll see what’s needed. I’ve offered to sub for the above pups and I kicked them some money for formula. there’s always a need. :pleading_face: they know I take nursing mammas, who are hard to place, and those come up a lot.

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Unfortunately, responsible pet ownership regarding spay and neuter hasn’t taken hold culturally down here as it has in the north and northeast. My acquaintances in the shelter/vet circles down here tell me that there is a relative oversupply of shelters in the ne in particular, so shipping them up is a thing.

Also different states have different laws regarding breeding/puppy mills. MO and PA are among the worst.

Ah, now that you mentioned PA… there was a shipment of puppies here not too long ago from a breeder in PA. They we’re maltreating the puppies. Horrible.

Bob Barker, when he hosted the Price is Right, always ended the show with the same message…" Control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.

There should more PSAs like that. Have not seen any here.