Does lettuce belong on gyros?

Settle a longstanding discussion over whether or not lettuce belongs on a gyro, meaning on a standard gyro. I think there might be a geographic difference, hence the regions. Those not geographically represented please comment below.

  • Yes - northeast
  • No - northeast
  • Yes - southeast
  • No - southeast
  • Yes - midwest
  • No - midwest
  • Yes - southwest
  • No - southwest
  • Yes - west
  • No - west
  • 42 tubs of tzatziki

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Question two: do French fries belong on gyros?

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If made properly, there wouldn’t be room for fries. :judge:

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No reason for more carbs, when there could be more protein.

Might as well dump french fries on your pizza.


I’m not sure I like this raspberry cheesecake enough.

I guess I’ll dump french fries all over it.

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I’m intrigued by your geographical boundaries.
Also, this seems like a col. smoothie thread. Amirite?

Lastly, no lettuce on gryos. Source: Lived with a greek girl in university, and have made homemade gyros a bunch of times. Gyros have meat, onions, tomatoes and tzaziki sauce. I’d allow cucumbers, but that’s it.

What kind of meat?

My preference is no but I’ve noticed it does or does not come standard in different areas.

I voted yes, southeast, because that’s more common. It can vary from place to place.

Googling gyro and clicking on images shows examples with and without

I approve of these posts, but when I was in Greece most if not all of the gyros I had came with fries tucked inside. Here in the midwest lettuce is generally included and I don’t mind it, but I’d prefer just tomato and cucumbers, as far as veggies.

I voted no.

No lettuce on any sandwich. Except maybe BLT since it’s in the name.

I don’t mind eating lettuce in a salad with a fork, but lettuce on sandwiches adds no flavor, adds messiness since lettuce tends to slide around or fall off, and generally makes a sandwich harder to eat.

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First time I had chopped cucumber on a gyro I couldn’t believe I’d not thought of it before.


gyros is a Greek dish . . . and last I checked, lettuce isn’t grown in Greece (at least not commercially).

Hence my response of “no”.

However, I wouldn’t be opposed to having lettuce on a gyro.

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And I suppose you live in some sort of crazy world where they have lettuce in Greek salad as well?

Yes. Yes they do.

No. If you put lettuce on, then it’s a kabob wrap, not a gyro.

As for french fries, I historically would have said wtf? But the Fiesty Greek puts fries in their gyros and they are frickin amazing, so yes on fries if: a) the fries are good and b) you are going to eat the whole thing while it’s still hot. Leftover gyros are still good, but leftover gyro with fries no es bueno.

Fries are fine on the side as well. So, put them on the side and more protein inside.
Same goes for burritos.

Same. Some places don’t do lettuce in greek salad, but lots of places sell something they call a Greek salad that has lettuce.

Oops, and onion.

My wife wanted Greek tonight, and looking at the menu, our local place does tomato and onion, but no lettuce. We haven’t been here in a while, I thought they added lettuce.