Do you (still) dress up for Halloween?

Do you still dress up for Halloween as a grown up?

I haven’t in like 20 years.


(and how do you add a poll?)

never did in my life. not even to gay parties.

gay people are crazy with costumes, but after midnight all the shirts come off anyway

When I was studying for exams, I would take Halloween off to study, as well as to avoid all that folderol.

  • Yes, every year!
  • Only if I have a party to go to
  • I did when my kids were little
  • Hardly ever
  • Never
  • I wear a different costume each day for 42 days before Halloween

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Would have to put them on first

true. I should say, the WINGS and CAPES come off after midnight

Every year, I dress like a homicidal maniac. (They look just like everyone else.)

Actually, M’s-Sidekick, that is a common misconception. We in the homicidal maniac community have subtle ways of identifying ourselves among our peers, subtly & silently communicating our intentions across a crowded room, and moving in and out of polite society without drawing undue attention. You may think you dress like us, but we know better. We know.

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I will dress up if I have a reason, like a party or something.

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please elaborate . . .

I have dressed up for Halloween twice ever in my lifetime. Once when I was 6, before my parents decided celebrating Halloween was akin to worshipping satan, I was a pumpkin. The other time was the one year my kids had similar costumes. One son was Mario, the other was Luigi. I dressed up as Princess Peach and my husband was Bowser.

I’m not much fun at parties, no.

parties are only fun with substances

I don’t usually, but it’s high on the list of things I wish I did. Below sex and drugs. Above renewing my driver’s license.

you wish you did sex?


Did as a kid to get candy, didn’t like it. Did once with some buddies to get into a party during college, didn’t like it. I don’t do it anymore.

Reminds me of a Mitch Hedburg joke…

As far as the costumes go, I did as a kid, and have a few times as an adult, sometimes with my kids.

combine some of that. get the license renewed in costume