Do you smoke the devil's lettuce?

  • Yes, I partake in MJ
  • No, never have, never will
  • Have in the past, not currently

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If you’re gonna bitch about my choices of poll options maybe you should go smoke a doob and relax. It’s a random poll, I’m not setting reserves here. :grinning:


by past I mean 40 years ago, and not much then

Never really did anything for me aside from make me cough a lot. After a bad experience with edibles I was done.


5 votes and nobody smoking it yet. Canadians must be busy working today.

I’m more of a likker/wine/beer kinda guy. :man_shrugging:

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Well, I have in the past month, but not enough to do any serious damage, as I was also drinking at the time, and I tend to regurge when combining.
I do not keep my own stash, though.
At my weekly poker game, I partake in a lot of second-hand ganja, though the chimney who sat next to me (bong hit every 5 minutes or so) has been banished from the game.

there is no option for “not yet, but possibly in the future”.

also, assumed smoke only- no edibles allowed?

I’d have chosen that if it were an option. :man_shrugging:

im the same

Got you covered my friend

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I’d try edibles once.

Rarely, even when I lived in CO. Part of the problem is I’ve always been a bit of a lightweight, even when I was young and smoked quite a bit, and the stuff in CO is all like 24% THC. The Delta 8 stuff is more my speed, and I don’t mind a bit of that now and then.

My friends in HS used to, I was never that interested in smoking something. At this point I think I’m good just having a drink if I want that sort of thing.

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We should go for Happy Hour some time!!! :beers:

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At least once???

People who say “never will”, that’s quite a commitment.

Smoking is not my preferred delivery means

Here’s a good way to quit alcohol.

Add some tincture to non-alcoholic beer/wine/liquor