Do you smoke the devil's lettuce?

my tolerance builds up quickly.

If I go dry for a week, the first hit after is a thrill ride. The following day I’d take the same amount and will barely feel it.

They sell THC drinks

Only passively. Someone close to me has a medical mj card and is not suppose to smoke it in the house, but…

And she’s too old to be grounded

No thanks - if I wanted to alter my mind on bad-tasting stuff I’d drink Natty Light for much less money

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Honestly, the drinks are quite tasty. You just can’t drink a lot

Poll flawed, no omicronic option.

Don’t anticipate ever smoking it, because I don’t like coughing up my lungs which invariably occurs when I inhale anything other than ordinary air, but willing to partake in other manners. Spouse and a couple of the “kids” (19-24) smoke it, I’m also not a fan of the smell. Smells like the dog’s stinky farts. I’ve definitely yelled at the dog before when it wasn’t his butt, and instead one of my sons smoking on the back patio.

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There are some variants that smell pretty good.
Like stinky cat farts.

I’m not counting that one time 2pac made me take a hit in Vegas. Otherwise not my thing. I have had edibles a few times but didn’t notice much of an effect. Just made me super thirsty.

Back in college fairly regularly as I lived with a few folks who sold it. But it’s really not my thing and haven’t done it a long time. My BIL could grow up to 6 plants for medical use before it became legal and is a daily user.

Hated the smell of bong water. Rotten potatoes

Oh bong water is absolutely disgusting

And not difficult to keep.

I’m not counting someone sneaking stuff into my food w/o my knowledge.

This is me, too. Not counting one puff of a joint in college, that didn’t do anything for me other than give me a REALLY nasty taste in the back of my throat for a couple of hours.

Based on that experience, I’m more interested in delivery methods other than smoking.

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I smoked it regularly in college and my 20’s. I consume it infrequently now, and when I do I prefer delivery methods other than smoking. Hopefully the delta 8 loophole doesn’t get closed before they legalize weed everywhere.

I’d never even had one puff. I had respiratory issues as a kid so never smoked anything. Although a less appealing means of delivery, smoking seems easier to figure out dosing than edibles. While I’m curious, I’m not curious enough to overcome laziness.

Yes, have, do, and will.

Does the Delta 8 loophole allow you to import the weed from Tokyo to LA?

Unclear on concept: getting high.

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