Do you refrigerate your eggs?

  • Yes
  • No

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If I get them fresh from a chicken? No
If I buy them where they were already fridged? Yes


We do, because we buy them from the grocery store. When we got them from the chicken coop, they stayed on the counter.

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Same as above. Pasteurized eggs purchased from a grocery store need to be refrigerated. Eggs we get from friend with chickens we do not until washed (which is rarely in advance of actually cracking for cooking.)

I don’t think I have ever had a freshly dropped egg

Am I missing out on life?

I can’t tell the difference

If you never had the chance as a kid to go to the chicken coop and gather eggs, I would say, “yeah, you are missing out on life.”/red Other than that probably not.

And we refrigerate our eggs that we buy at the grocery. The only kind we deal with at present.

I actually don’t remember if we refrigerated the ones directly from the chicken or not when I was growing up. I want to say we did.

General instructions for those new to Earth: if it’s refrigerated in the store, then refrigerate it at home.
Also, read the instructions, as some jars note to refrigerate after opening. Like soy sauce.
Not sure how I keep my lettuce cool and wet with an automatic sprinkler and a thunder sound as a warning, though.
I do refrigerate our fruits. They last a bit longer that way.

I know some people whose opinions I trust that swear that fresh eggs taste much better than store-bought pasteurized eggs. A couple of them maintain coops for that reason.

I’m not a fan of eggs on a standalone basis, so I’m not a good judge of that claim. (The fact that I helped clean up a poultry farm after a hurricane, and also did product work on a poultry farm product, further influences me. Nasty, nasty places.)

Now that I think about it, I rarely eat eggs without anything else added on, like seasoning or cheese or other things. Plain eggs taste quite bland to me, but I always ate the pasteurized kind.

I’m expecting my mind to be blown, like just plain eggs tasting really flavorful if I get fresh ones. Kind of like how a good steak tastes good without any steak sauce added would blow the minds of people who usually eat bad steak.

Are my expectations too high?

You should eat cheap eggs, saving all that money for your kids’ success.


I’m not particularly knowledgeable about eggs, but I’m pretty sure that somewhere north of 99% of store bought eggs are not pasteurized. In-shell pasteurized eggs are a pretty new development.


Re “pasteurized eggs” – probably sloppy writing on my part, as I’m taking a quick late-lunch break, and I’m not an egg fan. :slight_smile:

I’m differentiating “store-bought refrigerated eggs” vs “fresh unrefrigerated eggs”. Some folks apparently swear that there’s a significant difference in taste. I trust that opinion, but dislike eggs enough to not want to explore it for myself.

CS, in most countries eggs don’t need to be refrigerated because there’s some protective goo on the shell that keeps them from spoiling for long enough to get through a carton. But in the US, commercial eggs are required to be washed (to remove traces of chicken shit, or sometimes globs of it) and that also removes the protective coating. So American eggs need to be refrigerated.

Link is an ad, but pretty accurate.

This makes more sense. I knew it was the washing that required us to refrigerate fresh eggs. I guess I assumed store bought eggs were pasteurized but that is probably me being lazy and simply thinking of the fact I typically buy pasture raised :slight_smile:

We get our eggs from a local small farm, but they are washed, so we refrigerate.

It’s actually somewhat hard to find pasteurized eggs IMO.

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We got some fresh eggs from some friends who have a small flock. I really didn’t notice much of a difference from store-bought. :man_shrugging: