Do you recline your airplane seat?

Lots of hubbub on teh internets about this recently.

Assume cheap actuaries flying coach.

Do you put your seat back? Do you care if others do?

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Having the ability to do something doesnt make it right.

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Never. At 6’1", a reclined seat jams my knees even if the under-seat storage is empty and my legs as straight out as they can be. Basic respect is to not infringe on someone’s else’s precious little space, just to take it for yourself.

That said, the person putting down the seat is not the bad guy. The airline is the bad guy. And they’re a bunch of ******* **********s for keeping that feature in. ********* those guys.


Wait, there’s a word censor here? like, adults can’t say naughty words because other adults might read them?

At least you can say Reimer

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Typically I don’t, as I like to do crosswords and that’s not as comfortable to do leaning back. If I want to get a little rest, I’ll set the seat back gradually. If the person behind me is a douche who likes to put their feet up on the seat then I’ll put the seat back all the way.

I did back in the day when there was actually a reasonable amount of room between the seats. I don’t anymore. Too rude.

I’m small enough that it’s not horrible when the person in front of me reclines theirs, but there’s so little space now that I wish they wouldn’t.

Just flew back last night. Always recline. Can’t sleep without it. Can barely sleep with it. Don’t care if others recline since I always recline anyway.

I’m a short guy, so I don’t really need to recline. When I do, it’s only an inch or so - and I don’t ram the seat back like some ****heads I’ve seen!!!

Test: crap.

OMG, it worked! There’s another forum I visit that won’t let me use the above word!!! I had to use :poop:!!!

do not. I think it’s rude. I haven’t taken a flight that was more than a few hours in years though.

I’m able to fall asleep even with the seat upright. I agree that I reclined the seat when there was more space, but I wouldn’t even consider doing that now.

Out of courtesy I do not recline my seat on short haul flights. When I take long international flights or redeyes I absolutely recline if I will be sleeping.

When I flew to Japan, the flight attendants told us when it was bed time and we could recline, and when it was time to get up and have breakfast and everyone was told to put up their seats so the person behind you had room to eat.

It sounds very prescriptive, but I liked it.

Reclining seems to do so little I fail to see the point and usually don’t bother.

Traveling is for suckers

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What about if someone else picks up the air & hotel and you get that sweet, sweet per diem for :cut_of_meat: and :beers:???

It’s still traveling. Gotta pack, get to the airport somehow, wait in line, get cavity search, sit around and hope your flight is not delayed, try to find some space in the overhead bin, sit cramped for who knows how long, and do the reverse process when you land.

Then, you have to be in a foreign land, in a room with like only 17 weird tv channels, with a weird bathroom, windows that don’t open, or only open like 2 inches, and mushy pillows and an ac/heating unit that sounds like the motor of Kennedy’s PT-109.

Then you gotta do work with a bunch of people you don’t know, and have to chit chat about stupid stuff with them, maybe even go out to eat with them and have even more stupid chit chat.

Heaven forbid it’s in a different time zone!

Then, after a couple days of misery, you gotta re-pack and schlep to the airport…well, see paragraph 1.

When you get back, there’s a ton of work to catch up on. And you might have kinda gotten used to the bed at the hotel, now your bed feels a little funny…

So, for me, little to zero value in traveling anywhere. And this example is when the company is picking up the tab!

I’m the opposite. At this point I’d sit fully upright in economy for 19 hours if it meant I could take a vacation to whatever country.

More generally, I don’t recline for short flights as I like to sit pretty upright. I might nudge it back an inch. On long haul flights, all bets are off.

I can’t sleep on airplanes anyway. On my haul to Europe in business class last year I was fully reclined and managed about 60 minutes of sleep on the ride home. Usually in a new location the adrenaline and caffeine kicks in, and I power through the day and sleep well the first night.

One good thing about playing bridge as a hobby is if I were at some other location that only needed me during the day hours, it’s likely I could arrange a pickup partner and play my favorite game in the evenings. I’ve played once now in Paris (not too far from the Arc de Triomphe) and once in London and several times after an exam seminar or CAS meeting.